Mighty Avengers #16

We got the Elektra reveal way before Secret Invasion even started, it was the precursor to the whole affair so why did we have to wait so long for the how it all happened? I mean if you believe Bendis this was all planned so what is the reason for such a late review? I know this is a lot of questions, especially since this issue of Mighty Avengers was hardly worth the read. If you are an Elektra fan then feel free to go pick it up and find out what we all know, that she was a Skrull, but you can figure that out without this issue, you just need to know how and why.

I can’t say I liked this issue. I liked it even less than I did Mighty Avengers #15 which focused on Pym’s switch which makes something even more confusing about this issue. Why is Mighty Avengers #17 being billed as the truth about Hank Pym? We just got the switch and all in Mighty Avengers #15 is there more to that story and if it is, why couldn’t they have spent more time on that? See more questions. And believe me by the time you are done reading this you are going to have more.

The previews were enough for you to get the idea. Electro was paid off to assist with the escape from the Raft and Elektra is attacked by a Skrull double. This could have been a good fight scene if the art wasn’t so crappy. Pham does a terrible job depicting one of the prettier women in the Marvel U. Elektra looks like an old lady and the movements look tired. It’s even funnier when the Skrull double’s head is set ablaze a la Ghost Rider. Elektra proves she is up to the task with this fight and dispatches of her Skrull assailant who turns into an attractive Skrull, but obviously these Skrulls don’t play fair because down comes Wolverine and Daredevil. Except Daredevil has a few tricks up his sleeve, he has Nightcrawler’s Teleportation and Cyclops’ optic beams? Ok, but he just looks like Daredevil, so what the hell is the deal with all the Super Skrulls looking like a bit of everyone powers they have?

Well Elektra dispatches of them both and before she is assailed yet again, by another Super Skrull who looks like a mix of Colossus and Vision. He easily defeats the battered and bruised Elektra. And before you start questioning yourself and running through your old issues of Secret Invasion, yes I said he! So why is the Skrull corpse a female? All of the other Skrulls have turned to their normal Skrulls when you look at them all. This Skrull also has another twist he is self-sacrifice and the Skrull Queen’s lover. Yeah so this Skrulls name is Pagon and he is the martyr.

Well before Pagon takes his exit and why is beyond me; the Skrull invaders act as if Elektra’s death will be something so big? Can anyone tell me why her death is such a huge thing, especially since it is a Skrull? Other than shock and awe I can’t see her death is a huge thing in the Marvel U. Either way it is also revealed how she usurps leadership of The Hand in the first place which is nothing at all as dramatic as one may have expected. She simply decapitates the former leader; that is all! And much like that this issue of Mighty Avengers received very little notice because it just wasn’t compelling from artwork to writing and if anything it did it gave those who are calling Bendis a liar about this whole 4 year pre-planning little more than BS a leg to stand on. My greatest question is why did we see the sexy female Skrull Elektra corpse instead of Pagon’s?

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