The Ultimates #5

I got a special Marvel Ultimates with 4 more scans than usual for you guys. Don’t worry I am not going to talk you ear off about the series. At this point you either like the Ultimates or you don’t, you either are anticipating March on Ultimatum or you are not. This issue definitely teases those who have been on the outside looking in constantly picking up the issue and thumbing through it off the rack, not making that purchase. This definitely makes that reader want to pick it up. Marvel Ultimates is definitely one of the better series in the Marvel Universe, especially when we are talking alternate earth stories, forget Zombies, Monkey’s, the Ultimates is where it is at.

This issue wraps up everything that has been going on and has setup March on Ultimatum. It’s amazing what’s been going on in this series, Wanda Maximoff is dead and guess what happens in this issue, Pietro dies as well sacrificing himself to save his father, or maybe just choosing not to live without Wanda was his choice. Hard to believe Pietro would die for Magneto, but Magneto is definitely going to make everyone pay for the deaths of his children. Doom is revealed to be the true mastermind behind the robot replacements, thank god there is no Ultron BS in this Universe. Hey check out these scans and go pick up your copy. You don’t buy they stop making so get off your ass and pick it up!

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