The new hobby league cards have hit the streets and everyone is going bonkers. Three great cards added to VS System; Alan Scott, Golden Age Engineer, Jared Stevens<>Fate, Mystic Defender and a plot twist, Agility.

Alan Scott is a 4 drop that will combo with alot of cards in the VS System. He is tailor made for the JSA theme of exhaustion and definitely works well with the Rock of Eternity which happens to come online on the very same turn.

At 7/7 stats he is an average 4 drop character. He also has Flight and Range, whcih will get him around alot of combat scenarios. Hate to see aa Alan Scott without it, especially since he has the ring and all. So with Rock of Eternity going online on turn 4 his exhaustion isn't so much a drawback anymore. Activate -> Recover and ready target stunned JSA character you control.

This is a very nice ability that is going to enable alot of combo's. Since it says JSA which team-stamps his ability it doesn't make him a toolbox character. This will still make tema-up with Marvel Defenders look alot more appealing. Everyone remember Hulk, Grump Green Goliath? I can see alot of use for Alan to help out here. Quicksilver decks look poised to do more damage, doubt we will see him jumping into too many of those decks though. Team-ups are really just taking up space in that deck. These are just a few collaborations we can expect in the future.

I am definitely skipping over some of the more mechanical combos Alan Scott will enable, but that is because i am chomping at the bit to talk about Jared Stevens<>Fate, Mystic Defender. Generally you Pay resource points for recruitment of characters and thus this would seem like a very, bleh ability. But, considering some of the more annoying equipment in the game are 0 cost equipments that are unique, paying 0 resource points seems like a big boon. It's almost his way of saying; "Hey! Those Fate artifacts belong to me!" very thematic, i love it. The question is will UDE give him an errata? Reading Jared's text one could use his ability to KO any number of 0 cost equipments in play because he is not limited to any "Once per turn" wording.

So we could see him in the future making splsahes at the 2 and 3 drop position. On or Off Initiative. Tech Jared and let your opponent go through everything to get out those Fate artifacts and then land Jared on the field to hurt their ego badly.

I am really excited about his second ability, Magic Plot Twist cost you 1 less to play. Wow! Spectral Slaughter, Conclave, Transmutation, Mystical Binding, and so on. He really speeds up Shadowpacts gameplay. Here is my 1
problem with Jared, he is a 2 drop!

Making him a three drop would have really just made his second ability a waste because most of Shadowpacts plot twist are 3 cost. Jared being added to the diverse 2 drops that could be played on 2 is well annoying right? No! Why? Because now he serves two roles:

A. He will be played on 2 which will stop the Poison Ivy combo from going off right away. There is just no way your opponent goes ahead with plans to fate up on 3 when Jared is on the board. Heck Quicksilver is even going to have to think about using those fartifacts.He definitely slows down that process til your board can get big enough. What is even better is that his first ability isn't team-stamped which makes him a very nice toolbox. I see him being played as a tech card.

B. He is played on 2 and then BlackBriar or Manitou are played on 3 in order to under-drop Madame Xanadu, Cartomancer on 3. Right now Shadowpact is really lacking in the 3 drop dept and an under-drop on 3 is usually best one way or the other.

Agility is a nice edition for Secret Society. it is also very thematic. It's a really nice plot twist especially later in the game as it will essentially stay in your hand throughout. For instance say you have two stunned characters on the board and Agility in your KO'd pile you have to KO one anyway, might as well make that KO worth something. +2 DEF isnt bad to have around. I don't see alot of this card being played though as most players, unlike, myself prefer ATK pumps over DEF pumps.

There you have it. Time to Sign off and Go work Jared into my Shadowpact deck. We will be seeing alot of him in the Silver Age Meta.


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