Batman #676

Batman R.I.P started in DC Universe, but it will not really have an end in any comic series. Bruce Wayne as the immortal living legend will end with the Batman R.I.P arc written by Grant Morrison. Grant Morrison has to be one of the most highly praised writers in comics. He does what no one else is willing to do with characters and reinvents them in a way that fans are not disappointed or upset. I can’t wait to see what will happen in this series and who is going to wear the mantle of Batman after Bruce.

CMix: And how does Batman R.I.P. fit into the timeline of Final Crisis?

GM: It takes place before [Final Crisis]. R.I.P. will lead into Final Crisis. Whether the Batman in Final Crisis is actually Bruce Wayne, you've got to see for yourself. It could be Nightwing, it could be Tim. Tim deserves it, you know, he chose the life and he's worked hard. Nightwing would be fun, but a very different Batman, more smart-ass.



In DC Universe #0 we get a little hint at a lot going on in the story and it is revealed that an organization known as the “Black Glove” is looking to kill Batman, Joker obviously finds this all amusing. How he fits into the situation is what kills me as he has always wanted to be the one to actually kill Batman.


Batman #676 really picks up right where DCU #0 leaves off. You really get an eerie feeling throughout the whole issue. Something is constantly lingering in the readers mind almost expecting this organization to leap out and attack Batman. He is paranoid, which plays a large part into the belief the reader has I believe. We never see Batman paranoid or acting the way he is. If this were a Marvel character I would swear he was acting all Skrully.


Situations become even grayer for the Dark Knight as readers are introduced to the bevy of characters who seem to be teaming up in order to bring down the Dark Knight for good; Merlyn, Talia al Ghul, The Joker and even Bruce’s own son Damian Wayne. If you don’t know about this I suggest you start getting back issues of the Batman series; Face to Face, and Batman & Son should be good starting points.

Either way what Grant Morrison is penning is simply amazing. I can’t say I am too worried because I have been waiting to see when Dick or Tim, really Dick would take up the mantle of Batman. Bruce has become a very cynical superhero in recent years and his inner struggle really has been weighing on him heavily and distrust of his fellow heroes has only made matters worst. I think the transition is only made easier because we have seen the television series and constant images of Bruce Wayne not as Batman, but the icon remaining.


Tony Daniels artwork is superb. I don’t know why I like it so much, except that it just fits with what Morrison is writing so well. You definitely get that flashback, out-of-body feel when you view the pages. You are just as loss as the main character in everything that is happening stumbling around through Morrison’s plot in order to figure out what is coming next. I am excited obviously because I really cant believe DC will kill one of the Trinity, but at the same time the groundwork Grant Morrison has established during his work with Batman really outshines the work Bendis did with Secret Invasion, but that is a matter of opinion. Either way I hope you enjoy the read. Go pick up your 2nd printing of this series at comic stands because it flew off shelves like hotcakes and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Until next time…

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