I can’t say I am pleased with this issue of Justice League of America. I wish that I could. I decided my reviews of the series would begin here since this would be the first title bearing the “Sightings” logo. This logo basically means this issue has some bread crumbs that tie into the Final Crisis series which starts this week. Don’t expect a Wednseday release of Scans for Final Crisis. Tomorrow I get to preview the first Thor Card in the Versus TCG since MAV and I plan on getting Thor #9 reviewed quickly.

I’m not sure what this issue was aiming for. Many believe it was the foretelling of the end of the Martian Manhunter character in DC. The introduction of the Human Flame character just seemed very dry. Here we have a very low rent villain carrying around a flame thrower. Ok, we know Martian Manhunter at least still has some aversion to fire, but was that a need to introduce such a player into the DCU’s Final Crisis?

Next we get a better scope of Libra’s Injustice League, which definitely has some heavy hitters aiding in packing the punch against our do-gooders. I’m wondering how this Injustice league is fitting into Darkseid’s return. If you don’t know what I am talking about check the left column and future parts of Darkseid’s return. The worst part of this issue was the opening with the trinity meeting in a secret room in the new HQ. The dialogue was out of character, especially for Batman or maybe it ties into the weird way Batman is supposed to be acting with regards to his R.I.P series. I can’t say for sure, but it was just off.

The relationship between Roy Harper and Hawkgirl was also explored. I don’t know what the significance of this relationship is that they have spent some issues of JLA on, but it’s about the most interesting subject of JLA #21.

Check out the Scans. Pick it up if you like, but I have to give this issue a 2 out 5. Stay Tuned for reviews this week of Final Crisis #1, Thor #9 with the exciting return of Thor to the world of Versus TCG and more. Vote for Darkseid Revenge (Right Column).



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