Nova #14

Nova #14

I want to start this article off with a reminder about my Comic Reviews over on TCGplayer. If you look in the left-column there is a link that will take you directly to my blog page there. I am happy that I get to post blogs up there as it helps create more space for reviews. On another note Previews for the Marvel Universe (MUN) set have come to an end and I would like to think just in time as we started getting spoilers over on VSrealms because players in France started “victorjannin” getting their product a whole week early. The early releases didn’t end there because “I’m all Noobish” posted damn near every card in the set on his photobucket account. I am not complaining, unfortunately for the community I was spending the weekend away from my home and wasn’t around to begin compiling the set with these releases. Luckily enough KardKrazy began creating the MUN set for MWS. Hopefully, sometime today he will send me the base file and I can compile it with the card scans Noobish provided and everyone will be happy for the time being.

Anyways, for now I will give you something better, well probably not better, but I like to think so. It’s the source material. Just as a side note, I have to say that I am a bit disappointed with the representation of Annihilation Conquest in this set. Yes we were told that the set was going to focus on the Civil War storyline, but that seemed like a mistake in my opinion, especially, with stories such as Nova and the Annihilation events in the Marvel Universe that was so epic. Nova and his comrades in the United Front got 1 representation in the set and I thought that was a bit of a disservice.

Next set up is Marvel Evolutions which will take us back to the mutants and all I can say is, oh boy! How many times am I going to see the X-Men? Wolverine got 3 versions in this set, not to mention he was a legend in the Marvel Legends set, it seems like the rebirth of Versus all over again, not to mention the wasted card space in this set on a team no one cared to see, Nextwave. I am happy however with the quality of the product all of the characters seem to have a great deal of flavor put into them and their abilities.

Now, onto the review for Nova #14, because we will have set reviews for MUN in the weeks to come along with deck ideas! This issue picked up exactly where Nova #13 left us and that was Richard Rider at the mercy of Galactus and his Herald, The Silver Surfer. Wellinton Alves does a great job in bringing the story to life with his illustrations making each scene seem very epic and large in scale. However the credit has to go to Scott Hanna and Guru eFX which define the images with their colors and inks. Galactus has never looked better in all my viewings of him. Silver Surfer Looked menacing and Richard looked on par, it really made me feel like I was watching a Deity and two Demi-gods battling it out in the cosmos.

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Nova #14Nova #14

Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning did something I would never really expect a writer to do with Galactus, never display his arrogance and use him as a backdrop. Galactus was pure scenery, yet he still somehow came to life in scope and image. Richard Rider and Silver Surfer fighting right “near” him, but seemingly out of sight as their very existence is not worth notice. It was a magnificent use of Galactus and the best ever in a comic in my opinion. Normally you would see Galactus fighting nearly on par with the likes of the Fantastic Four, Thor and others, which has always been something of question to me, because this is supposed to be a God, he has definitely been designed as such in the Versus TCG. Galactus is definitely that grandiose image I would expect of him, a force to be reckoned with and a figure I would expect the entire Avengers team in order to defeat.

Nova #14Nova #14

Nova and Surfer are battling in the cosmos before Galactus not under his watchful eye, if that is what you want to call it. It is really Surfer chasing after Nova through the issue with a couple of clashes here and there. Even with the entire Nova Force within him he is still not a match for the Herald in sheer power and the Surfer looks determined for his master to not be disturbed while feasting upon this world. I can’t get over the visuals of these two clashing before the mighty Galactus they are that epic.

Nova #14Nova #14

Eventually the two crash to the planet’s surface where Surfer finally speaks to Richard Rider. The Surfer’s demeanor under his lord has changed drastically. This is not the same Surfer we saw when he first came to Earth or in the years after. While there is still compassion there it doesn’t seem like he is willing to compromise his loyalty to Galactus. Surfer agrees to help Nova get the people off the planet, which he manages in the blink of an eye. Take that as a hint as to the level of Surfer’s power in this battle. The entire fleet is off the ground, Surfer expresses’ his new loyalty to Galactus; “…You will not find me so FORGIVING.” I can’t say I know what has occurred between Surfer and Galactus since the Annihilation Conquest and their showdown with Tenebrous and Aegis, but these two have a no found loyalty I hope Earth doesn’t have to be the brunt of any time soon.

Nova #14Nova #14

Richard is being warned by Worldmind that he must leave the planet immediately, but Nova seems determined to make sure that every last ship has left before he departs. That is when he discovers that Harrow has escaped and is killing again. This only drives Richard further and he is even more determined to make sure Harrow is caught and the ships leave. There is a nice little showdown to the Harrow/Nova fight, but nothing quite like the Surfer/Nova battle that happened before hand. Nova is eventually hit along with Harrow by a burst from the drive engines of the fleeing feet. Harrow apparently killed in the blast and Nova stranded on the planet the Devourer of Worlds is, well, Devouring! How is Richard going to escape this fate?

I can’t wait until Nova #15 this issue was simply amazing and Lanning and Abnett have continued writing an excellent ongoing series. Get to your local Comic Store and pick up this exciting series. If you are new to the series now is not a bad time to jump in, heck you can catch up on everything that his been going on here. Until later this week when we begin reviewing the MUN set and other titles such as Cable, Skaar and The Eternals. Vote for Darkseid Revenge.

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