Welcome to VS Reflections: X-Force , which is sort of part two of Hidden Gems: X-Force. Today I bring to you 4 cards that may seem a little familiar to you. But at the very least we get to see X-Force in flavor and on cardboard fantasy backing. For those of you who aren’t fans of the series after reading the review and checking out the scans… well you are just to damn hard to please and I have to say go take a walk. This team is created with a lot of vengeance type effects along with recovery being that two of the team members have such big roles and large parts of their abilities are due to healing factors.

The first card created was Wolfsbane, Rahne Sinclair. She doesn’t do much other than be the damsel in distress. We have yet to see a card appear in the Versus’ System TCG to capture Wolfsbane and trying to create one to mimic her abilities is not an easy task. For those of you who do not know, she is basically a Werewolf. Wolfsbane can transform into a Humanoid Wolf and a full red Wolf at will. In her transformation her abilities are augmented to those as seen by animals; increased strength, agility, reflexes, and senses. The hard part about creating a card for her is that we have never seen her really do much. In this series the team seems to have a great deal of affection toward her, especially Wolverine, who expressed these beliefs to a doubtful and almost emotionless X-23. So for this protection theme, I give you Wolfsbane, Rahne Sinclair.

Next, I focused in on Warpath. The last entry we have for James Proudstar in the Versus TCG was back in the X-Men set as a member of the Hellfire Club under the alias Thunderbird. Impressively he was given a 6-cost, 14/13 stat’d card with a very heavy hitting effect. I could see him in a lot of Stall decks. When I looked at his entry as Warpath I wanted to address his abilities as currently displayed. At first I wanted to give him a 5-cost slot but decided against, especially since he had a 6-cost card in the game already. The team also needed a curve. And you will see why later on he was given the 4-cost slot. This was my favorite card to create as I genuinely have respect for the Warpath character in the comic series. I wanted to pull from his first entry what I could, but I wanted to go with a vengeance team theme because of X-Force's nature. I like what I came up with here as it shows he is not invulnerable, but he packs a punch.

X-23, Laura Kinney was a character that I knew would create some problems. The only entry we have for her in the Versus TCG is X-23, Laura Kinney. I didn’t want the old card to be used in tandem with this one. I often hated the old version of X-23 as it reminded me of Linda Danvers from the Superman set, but with a heavier cost. What I also wanted to do was to create an entry that paralleled Wolverine since she is a clone of him and seems to harbor a great deal of admiration for him. X-23’s healing factor is grater than Wolverine’s which is why we have a self-recovery effect so early in the game, which also demonstrates the speed of the deck.

Wolverine was the last of the team members who are actually supposed to be a part of X-Force and his was not really hard to create. The Wolverine that was in the X-Men set has always been my favorite incarnation in the TCG. I wanted that as a reprint in Marvel Universe or Marvel Legends so it could see play. I decided to leave the card as it was with some updated art and that was that for Wolverine. Like I said really easy because this is my favorite incarnation of the card, whether or not it’s boring was beside the point in my mind when I created him.

Lastly we had Archangel who appeared at the end of X-Force #1-4. I can’t say he is a member of the actual X-Force, but this is Archangel and who doesn’t love Archangel. When creating the card I once again turned to the versions already in the Versus TCG and found the only one I thought ever gave a true resemblance to Archangel as he should look while infected with the Apocalypse Strain. The effect was cool so I updated it a bit with his Aeroballistic incarnation just a tad.

I hope you enjoyed this VS Reflection’s entry and hopefully this series will continue to keep going and I will be able to create more cards for this team. There will be a VS Reflection’s Part 2 entry for this series as we visit Bastion, Matthew Risman and the Purifiers. Stay Tuned and until then enjoy the reviews.

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