Justice Society of America #17 continues the Gog story Arc. Geoff Johns and Alex Ross are being credited with the story, which is turning out to be excellent. This issue isn’t as great as previous issues as it seems to serve a “filler” role. That’s not to say some important stuff doesn’t happen, but the general tone of the issue is the expected and the delayed. The artwork on the series has been nothing less than stellar and with Alex Ross doing covers for the series it is sure to catch the eye of any reader in the local comic shop.

This issue pretty much deals with the effects of Gog’s arrival. He genuinely appears to be a force for good and our heroes are trying to align themselves with this perception, especially since they have had the constant warning’s from the parallel Earth Superman. Gog is moving throughout Africa and erasing all the problems of the people, as Stargirl puts it, he is creating Eden.

In Justice Society of America #16 the superheroes started having their wishes fulfilled and Damage was on the receiving end and that is where this issue starts. Damage is back at JSA HQ and Cyclone meets the attractive and happy Damage. This just reminds me of a scene from some sappy MTV sub-reality show like Laguna Beach or the Real World, it gets the point across, but I could have done without it to be truthful. This is definitely part of the filler I was talking about earlier.

There is more of this filler type stuff in the issue; a talk with Mr. Terrific and his questioning of his Atheism and even a look at Dr. Mid-Nite’s beliefs. In fact the majority of the issue is dealing with our superheroes and their feelings of inadequacy in the wake of a god and or their indecision on whether or not this is all real. Gog has no doubts about his position and tells the superheroes it is he who will protect our heroes from all harms. He gives Dr. Mid-Nite sight, and Starman his sanity, which is funny when he comments by saying him having his sanity is definitely not a good thing. I don’t know what he means by this but I am dying to see.

The most significant moment in the issue is when Gog sends Power Girl home. Parallel Earth Superman doesn’t want to return home it seems and is a little shaken up with the rest of the members of the JSA as to what Gog has done with her. Everything looks innocent enough, but the members of the JSA are confused. Gog then heads of violently to eradicate war. Power Girls trip home will be chronicled in JSA Annual #1. Overrall the issue was a solid filler, but nothing of significance happens to warrant any hype about what will happen next. We get the preview that Magog returns in the next issue, but there is not the slightest bread crumb for us to follow so that isn’t even a rabbit hole worth chasing down yet.

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