Thor #12

Whew, all that Thor talk made me want… more Thor! So let’s close out the Day with Thor #12! That’s right this site might as well be called Thor something because I love this series and it is the one series I run to the store to pick up every month. This issue is almost a way of righting the origins of Loki for those readers who may not understand the character or who he was and why he was a man before and now a woman and it is a shocking surprise to many old fans that the female body he is using is that of Sif! I mean we saw her laid up in the hospital bed as an old lady trapped, but who would have thought Loki could go so far. God’s Hath no fury when Thor peers through the veil that Loki has up and wants the lord of mischief’s head on a plate. How much further will Loki twist Loki and what role will Hela continue to play in the fate of Thor? This series is definitely the best on the shelves and Thor’s influence in the Marvel Universe is being felt all over the place. Check out Thor #12!

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Rich said...

I have enjoyed reading all of your reviews for a while now. Have you stopped doing them? It's been almost a month since the last one.

NEIL04 said...

I will be getting back into reviews March 1st. I was wanred for use of copyrighted material use and i will amend my use in order to protect myself.

Rich said...

Do you still plan on coming back? March is long gone and still nothing. Sorry to bug you,I'm just a fan.

NEIL04 said...

Hey Rich, I do plan on coming back. I got busy with school nd work for awhile there and i will be returning very soon as this was a favorite part of my week.


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