Thor: Part 2

As promised we have 4 new cards as part of our VS Reflection Series focused on Thor. Each card is literally ripped from the current series as written by J Michael Stracyznski and illustrated by Olivier Coipel. As the series continues on these cards will be released as part of a Fantasy Set for use with MagicWorkstation. Thanks once again to the guys on VSrealms and TCGplayer; Shadowtrooper, Sir Alonz, Mr. Heckensleigh and others.

Two cards that were must to create were Thor and Heimdall. Heimdall was awakened by Thor at the end of Thor #3. You can check out the Call Down the Lightning Series on this blog for summary reviews and scans of Thor #3. It was important that Heimdall represent what Heimdall does. While he is without a bridge (Bifrost) to stand on, he has always and even in this series protects Asgard. He is a defender. His card portrays that to the fullest. The flavor text was a quote taken from Thor #3. Heimdall was protecting a bridge in post-Katrina New Orleans. He had issue with Thor fighting Iron Man on it.

Thor is representative of a beginning. His stats aren't that great, nor is his ability with those regards, but he does something for us that we know he struggled to achieve in the early part of the series, re-establish Asgard. And that is what he does effectively in this version. We may revisit this particular character later on in the future. I am not sold completely on his ability as Asgard will likely come into play prior to him hitting the board. With Terraform on Asgard it still enables it's use on turn 4.

We obviously wanted to get an Asgard location and i think this one is great. Serves the pseudo-search role which is good. It's low in cost which means, we can get it online early in the game to have a big enough effect. Lightning Power is a card that Mr. Heck threw in the mix at the last moment. I loved the effect, i just changed it up a little. I hope you like it. That's all for this edition of VS Reflection. Feel free to comment/suggest on these cards. Mjolnir is coming down the road. Still trying to work the ideas down as they vary and are vast.

Next week we will look at THOR # 4, 5, and 6.

Also we will start the newest ongoing series The Human Rocket Nova!



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