Thor #2 - 3

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Today, I am going to wrap up the review of Thor #2 and #3. Issues 1-3 are being re-released as a single title called Rebirth. The 3 issues serve as the basis for our card creations in the VS Reflections: Thor Series; 4-cost Thor, Mjolnir, Asgard and Heimdall. Look for these Cards to be posted later in the VS Reflection: Thor Series. Onto our comics review...

Issue #2 picked up right where #1 left off. Thor made his way to the open plains of Oklahoma. The question he asked himself was where is Asgard? Donald Blake supplied him with that answer; "Where there is Thor, there is Asgard!" The answer points to Thor's new relationship to Asgard, he is no longer just the son of Odin, he is the ruler of Asgard. He is the one that broke the cycle of Ragnarok. His status is special.

Thor takes to the skies and swings Mjolnir about causing a stir. Asgard is reborn a new in the Heartland of America, Oklahoma. All eyes of the nearby town are on the tumultuous weather. The police come out as does the man who owns the land Thor has seen fitting for Asgard. Opening the coffers of Asgard he simply tells the man to take what he wants as payment for the land. It is definitely one of those funny moments in the series. Thor even raises Asgard in its entirety off the ground.

The issue ends with Thor sitting solemnly in the Throne of Asgard, very Conan-like. His home is bricks and stone. It is not Asgard without his comrades. He decides to venture out to find the rest of the Asgardians and free them from their mortal forms.

Nothing really dramatic happens in Issue #2. It really serves as a launch point for Thor's mission. Does he have the power to restore Asgard and what is his new role in this new world. These are the questions that are answered.

Issue #3 doesn't disappoint fans at all. Up until this point i will be honest and say most comic reviews were leaning toward the negative opinion of the series. Thor seemed like he would be trapped in that realm of those readers loyal to him and even more depressing in his own world. That is not to say that the series itself wasn't selling like hotcakes it just picked up with #3 making it one of Marvel highest selling series. Like i said reprints for 1-3 are being pushed down the pipe. I have a signed Michael Turner Variant #1.

Thor is now in New Orleans. The setting is a very vivid post-Katrina look at the city. Sad to see such a portrayal in comics, but it definitely points to the direction the Thor series is going to take. It's not just the adventures of Thor in Asgard. Thor is now apart of the hustle and bustle of the real-world. Stracyznski throws in a couple of panels of stranded people making mention of the lack of help and there doubt in the gods or super-heroes of the world.

Thor is drawn to New Orleans by a presence. One of the Asgardians locked inside a mortal body. Before he is able to do much he is met by Iron Man. This is Post Civil War, but Tony seems to still be Tony. Stark demands that Thor register so they could get back to super-hero work.

I don't have to write much of a review for you to click on these panels i have provided and see how that plays out. As you can Stracyznski takes somewhat of the Superman approach to this battle. Thor is not just Thor anymore, or at least not the Thor he paraded around as before Ragnarok, he is unleashed and he has no patience for Tony's demands, nor his actions.

While Thor Does take a neutral stance proclaiming the affairs of man do not concern him at this point, it is also clear he abhors Stark's actions. He shows Tony just how much he abhors them, which also gives us a glimpse of how powerful the new ruler of Asgard is. This battle was completely one-sided, but what would you expect of Iron Man vs. Thor?
Once Tony is dispatched we see just how Thor releases an Asgardian from their mortal frames. When Heimdall is awakened.

Later today we will get into some of the cards mentioned earlier and look at their creation; 4-cost Thor, Asgard, Mjolnir and Heimdall.

Next week will be exciting as we begin to get into Issues #4, 5, and 6 which will have us creating more Asgardians, Friends and Enemies, Loki, The Warriors Three, Enchantress and more.

Also Look forward to the start of another ongoing series, The Human Rocket: Nova! we will play catch up for those who haven't gotten their hands on the pages of Annihilation, create some cards. Stay tuned....



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