Thor #1

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Thor #1 was a very compelling read; for both long time fans and new readers. Stracyznski manages to wrap up all the events that happened to cause the demise of Thor and his reasons for "awakening" in such small space. Explaining this to new readers really could have been a graphic novel alone, but JMS manages to poetically wrap it all up within constraints.

The story picks up where the Civil war series leaves off with the hinted return of Thor. Donald Blake is retrieving Mjolnir amidst a crowd of other tryign to retrieve the Hammer as well. The story then picks up in the void where Thor has apparently been sleeping. Blake is calling out to Thor, Thor responding with shock at the return of his old persona. Blake should never have existed in Thor's mind, Odin removed the Blake persona from reality so to speak, but the effect wore off after his demise during Ragnarok.

Donald Blake tells Thor he resided in the same void Thor now occupies. It was here Blake remained until the end of Ragnarok when the Asgardians ceased to exist. A very Sci-Fi move on the part of JMS, but written very well as it also explains how the Asgardian will return. Blake deems there is a need for Thor. He shows Thor a possible "End of Days" future of the Earth if Thor is not alive to prevent it.

Definitely foretelling, how much truth will play out in the Marvel Universe is another thing as it is very end of days type imagery. At the time i thought it meant a Thor entrance into World War Hulk.

I couldn't have been more wrong as we were treated to a showdown between Sentry and the Hulk, very anti-climactic need i mind you. The issue proceeds with Donald Blake convincing Thor of the worlds need of his return. Thor then has to battle the demons within the void. There are those who do not wish his awakening. This is one of those plot points that doesn't really get explained.The question becomes who are "they" who do not want Thor to wake up? I am unaware at this point.

Thor however battles the demons and is born anew. As the series ends Donald Blake is checking into a motel in a small town in the middle of Oklahoma along route 66. Thor is ready to begin his mission and find the rest of the Asgardians and set them free from their mortal entrapment.

Next we will look at VS Reflections and creating cards to reflect the key points in this issue of Thor. An actual Thor character card, a possible Plot Twist that has flavor for the event and an Equipment named Mjolnir because Thor just isn't Thor without it.

Come back Friday for Call Down the Lightning: Thor #2. Scans of the issue will be up!



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