Clor, Clone of Thor Pt.2

So here is our (The Fans) first Thor card of 2008. Well, UDE hasn't blessed it or anything, but it is what we would like to see in Marvel Universe. Thanks to Kariggi, Mad Titan, Shadow Trooper, Mr. Heck and T-Man for helping us arrive

at what we now have by comparison to my first version, which can be seen in Part 1 of this series.

A quick perspective on the card. For those readers who do not know the Civil War storyline, this card is ripped from its pages, literally. Civil War was a 7 issue series where Marvel's Hero's fought over new law passed that required all Super-heroes to register with the government and become part of a national police force.

Captain America led those against the law and Iron Man led those for the law.

Iron Man, Hank Pym and Reed Richards in their "benevolent wisdom" saw it fitting to try and tip the scales of the war in their favor by creating a clone of Thor. An entity the reader's dubbed CLOR. This was part of Tony Stark's Project Lightning. All pointing to our naming of the card.

Because Clor was essentially a robotic-clone, we added in Loyalty which also serves as a nice team-stamp. Since readers and characters in the series, except for Hercules actually believed it was Thor we gave the identity Thor.

In the series CLOR's arrival was an earmark for Marvel, he killed Goliath, Bill Foster. In doing so he actually caused the defection of some of the forces led by Iron Man to those led by Captain America. Thus we came up with his ability. His 10/8 stats are reflective of the fact that he was strong, but he barely stood toe-to-toe with Hercules when it was realized he was a clone.

This is the introduction of card creation. As we go through the reviews of a series we will attempt to make cards for key; Plots, Characters and Location in the comic, literally lifting the card off the pages themselves.
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