Thor #7

I have to start off by saying, Where is Coipel? I truly hope he hasn't departed the series. I was just getting used to his American Anime style drawings. The simplicity in his character designs brought the characters to life, especially after the first two issues. When we got to see the various locations his art did the scenery justice, really transplanting the reader and the story. Either way it's my hope that he returns. What we get is art from the Djurdjevic's. It is a name in the industry that eludes me. I am of mixed feelings about the new art. The panels seemed cluttered and don't really flow well to me, but i wasn't too excited about Coipel's work at first either.

Well this review brings us up to speed on the Thor Series. For those following the VS Reflection Series we will get up to speed with the characters. Check out the TCGplayer forums for the card creation discussions.

Thor #7 feels great in the story progression. In issue #5 and #6 Thor was concerned with waking up Asgardians that could cause potential problems to the New Asgard, he even showed some distaste in waking Odin, if it was possible at all. Well this issue is aptly titled, "Father Issues." Thor is spent from restoring all of the Asgardians to their godly forms. He must now enter the "Thorsleep" as Odin refers to it later on in the issue to restore his strength.

Thor taking key from events past has a coffin made for his rest that is imbued with enchantments to speed the process up. While sleeping Thor gets to meet his father, who is battling Surtur in limbo, a place between Life and Death. Meanwhile, Donld Blake discovers that he is free to roam as himself while Thor is in fact asleep, he goes out on a journey to New York looking for Jane Foster. For those questioning if Thor is still an Avenger it is clear in this issue by Donald Blake's words that he is not.

Straczynski manages to mix some physics and sci-fi into this issue well. He does well in walking that tight rope of mysticism and science, i love it. Reminds me of Television Series like Stargate and Babylon 5.

Thor in his sleep is able to confront Odin about why he has not attempted to awaken him. Odin tells a story of his parents and his rise to power. Straczynsk does well in managing to make this ongoing act of family betrayal seem like a rite of passage, a must for son to ascend to the status of ruler.

Overall, i was pleased with the issue, we now have a fully restored Asgard. I just hope we dont get back into a Thor isolate world and continue to place Thor into the Marvel Universe. We do get to see Loki obviously cunning nature in some panels as well. Where Sif is who knows. Readers just picking up this issue will probably not be impressed. As i said the artwork is not all that desirable in comparison to other issues we see on stands, especially all the variant covers being sported by the likes of Azzarello, Turner and Benes. Fans following the series are treated to more depth in the story, whihc is good, but we will definitely soon be urging the master of storytelling to speed things up and see some action.

This wraps up our monthly Call Down the Lightning Series. Keep your eyes open for the VS Reflection Series to hold you over til next month. Also we will be playing Catch-Up with Nova, another series favorite of mine later this week or Early next week, depends on how i handle the scans. Til then...



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