Thor: Part 3

Here are 6 more cards for our fantasy set based on Thor's new series. Each of these cards again tries to capture the character as he or "she" is at particular points in the series.

Our new Thor is a rare and mimics Captain America's 6 cost version from MAV. His difference is that his effect has no limitation. It is there on/off initiative. It is also non-team-stamped, which makes him splashable in many decks. Only drawback is he has Loyalty-Reveal, which means you will have to have other Asgardians in your deck to play him.

Loki is "New" and a first. I can't remember a point in the comics where Loki was a female. Loki is also our first Hidden character in the set. It's because of her cunning abilities and desire to do so from the shadows that gives her this unique stamp. Usually when working in plain view Loki is disguised until the last moment. It is because of that we have given her a very mystique-like ability.

Balder is the God of Light, a once ruler of Asgard. He is a very powerful Asgardian, many would say on par with Thor atleast before Thor possessed the powers of Odin. His ability is reflective of that which he can do with the Eldritch power. It is a non-targetting effect and simply exist as a continous-triggered-modifier in the game. As long as he is non-stunned and on the board your opponent will exhaust a character each turn. Good luck choosing between him and 4 cost Thor.

Finally, The Warriors Three. These Asgardians work best together and therefore their abilities work best together. The more of them you have the higher the ATK values of each, which also stacks up with our team theme.

Volstaggs picture is a place holder. I am not fond of it at all. Same for Loki.

See you in a Month for our VS REFLECTION: THOR SERIES. Best start reading issue 7, from here we will begin taking a look at our 8 cost Thor. When we finalize him by issue #10. Til then read the back issues and lets find plot twist and other character we need to create to complete the Asgardian team.


Christopher said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed your Thorspeak, thank you.

And that thing with the boars is ample evidence as to why Hogun is one of my favourite of Marvel's Asgardians (along with Heimdall)

fullbodytransplant said...

Very, very entertaining stuff.

Please continue.


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