This is a Preview of an ongoing series that will chronicle Thor's triumphant return to marvel. A monthly series that will take a look at Thor's adventures as written by J. Michael Stracyznski.

Thor is perhaps one of the most iconic figures in all of comics. My first owned comic was Thor. Thor inspired me to take mythology as an elective course in school to learn about the Gods of other beliefs. Thor captivated me to continue reading comics and kept me intrigued in other Marvel titles; Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and others that delved into the mystic's. I remember reading my first Thor and telling my uncle please bring more like it. He did and because of that I grew up following Thor's journey, now i get to write about his rebirth.

Thor's new title is a big success for both Marvel and readers. Issues #1-3 are sold out, that's right, go find them on a shelf and i dare you not to pick it up. Issues of Thor continue to sell out at a rapid pace and continues intriguing the reader. J. Michael Straczynski has found a title he can really flex his creative might in, and he has not upset readers.

Thor's return in issue #1 was epic. Even though all we saw was Donald Blake reuniting with the Thor spirit in an ethereal void. Coipel's artistry transported us to the realms of might and magic. JMS' writing of Thor's reawakening was compelling, exploring the inner depths of the relationship between Blake and Thor and the worlds need for his return. The issue ended with Asgard set in a new location, the open plains of America.

In the issues that followed readers were looking for the Epic battle to ensue, Thor vs The Hulk as World War Hulk was coming to its conclusion. Instead we got an anti-climactic battle between The Sentry and Hulk in the pages of World War Hulk. Instead issues #2 and #3 we were treated to an egotistic Iron Man thinking he could reign in the Asgardian powerhouse under his Registration Act. Thor made it clear to Iron Man he knew everything about the world and what was going on in it and his neutral position by displaying that his Asgardian power yielded or obeyed no laws of man, which amounted to a tin can ass-whooping we had all been dying to see.

Thor was on his journey to restore his fellow Asgardians and Tony Stark and his registration did not concern him. Asgard was made an Embassy and Thor it's diplomat. A pretty sizable Embassy at that.

Issues #4, 5 and 6 did not fail to continue to captivate readers. Thor on his quest to reassemble Asgard and find his love, Lady Sif awakened Loki, whom he thought was Sif instead. Well readers were shocked in Issue #5 when what we got was not the Loki of old. What we go was a woman, a very beautiful trickster, how tricky and mischievous we can not tell. for now Loki seems content with following the new flow that Asgard is taking for how long, we can't tell.

Issue #6 was a real good page turner. Even though it only dealt with the effects of Asgard being nestled in the plains of America and the effects of Asgard population on the local populace it was interesting to say the least. At the end Thor decided trying to systematically awaken the Asgardians from each of their human host without awaking those who would leave Asgard down the wrong path again would take too long.

Thor opted instead to hurry things along. Weather grids changed as Thor "Called Down the Lightning" on the entire earth awakening every Asgardian occupying a human host. The feat was nothing short of Amazing and Coipel's art mixed with JMS' writing skills made the moment all the more magnificent.

Thor's awakening of all the Asgardians was quite the draining feat. All of Asgard looked t0 him as the future. Thor exhausted plummeted to the Earth like a comet leaving with Donald Blake his final wish; "...find Sif. Tell her I love her...that I fell loving her above all risk, all danger, all consequence..."

It was an epic conclusion to a very heart felt issue. Next issues we get to see the fruits of Thor's herculean labor. Sacrificing himself to awaken all of Asgard? One thing is for sure the world will never be the same again as Gods cross the Earth and take in the plains of the USA, and what has Thor endured or awakened in his quest to aide his fellow Asgardians?
Stay Tuned. Monday begins the exciting installment of Call Down the Lightning: Vs Reflections. Each week I'll summarize the pages and provide some scans of the comics, I'll also examine the implications of Thor on the rest of the Marvel World and possible card creations.

Along with the issue review I will ask you the viewer to aide in creating VS card content. We will begint he series with a little Catch up next week as we review Issue number 1-6 until the release of Issue #7.

Scans of the comics will be posted to give you a taste of what was flipped in the pages.



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