Clor, Clone of Thor Pt.1

Currently in the VS System Marvel Expansion we have 11 released sets. Marvel Legends being the reboot to the game in the minds of many. Of all these sets we currently have 3 cards devoted to one of Marvel's longest standing icons/legends, Thor.

Starting the Call Down the Lightning series reminded me of how Thor has been unrepresented in the card game we love. I don't want to sound like a whiner, but R&D definitely seems to have a thing for the Teen Titans and the X-Men. The Avengers collectively as a Team have appeared as a team in one set spanning the VS System Marvel Expansions, Marvel Avenger (MAV). There next appearance will be in the Marvel Universe expansion due out this Spring/Summer.

The question is how much of a presence will Thor actually have in this set?

Thor has been absent from the Marvel Universe for quite some time, due to the events of Ragnarok in his own series. His involvement in the Civil War and World War Hulk series was nil, unless you include "Clor" the Cloned Thor created by Tony Stark, Hank Pym and Reed Richards through stolen DNA Samples.

All of the storyline events chosen by us the players did not include a Thor character. The teams chosen do not include a Thor character. So how much longer do the thousands and millions of Thor fans wait before we get to see an actual Thor card again? Who knows, but we are definitely going to put some ideas out there to R&D over at UDE.

Putting the idea that more Thor cards are needed shouldn't be too hard. Thor's series is selling like hotcakes, with reprints of issues being planned to cover the demand. So where is Thor in our Vs System TCG? I have to nominate this as an issue for R&D to look at when considering those teams and/or characters that need some highlighted attention.

For now, let us start looking at possible future card ideas for Thor.

The first version i want to address is Clone Thor. If we the players get any representation of Thor at all in the Marvel Universe Set, Clone Thor will be the likely incarnation.


The name should obviously be Thor as that is what everyone new him as, but this card definitely requires an identity, which should be "Clor". How the Marvel Universe set will play out with all the various incarnations of the Avengers planned in the set gets funky (Mighty Avengers, Secret Avengers, New Avenger, and Young Avengers). Will they be actual teams or sub-teams of the larger Avenger team? It gets complicated because of the way the team actually severed and splintered off.

Clor was on Starks Mighty Avengers side. We don't dual affiliate him with any future plans for Asgardians, thats is if UDE even has this possibility on their minds. A. We know he is a Clone and B. We definitely know Thor did not approve, he was being harnessed exclusively by Stark. C. Although Reed Richards had a hand in this it was his isolated support, not the whole of the Fantastic Four.

Either way we end up with Thor<>"Clor" - Project Lightning, Mighty Avenger.

Cost and Stats

Next, we have to figure where this card actually fits in the character slots. It was a Thor incarnation, but it wasn't all that powerful. Yes, it killed Goliath, but that was more of a surprise attack and accomplished through shock that landed that kill. Clor was later destroyed by Hercules. This character could easily fill the role of 4, 5 or 6. We probably don't want to see a character this powerful below the 4-slot and not higher than 6 because it was a clone. Since we already have a 4-cost version of Thor dating back to MAV, I think Clor should make his way in at 5. This starts giving people reason to say hey, I may wantt o play this Legend named Thor deck. This also adds flavor as his entrance into the Civil War was about the climactic point of the series. Turn 5 is usually the climatic point in our game.

Two easy things to get out of the way also are his Flight and Range stats. Thor wouldn't be represented correctly without them. He is definitely a visible character so that takes care of that as well. Since he makes an appearance at 5 we have to decide on his stats, 9ATK/9DEF is average for a 5-cost character. I think a 9/9 Thor Clone is good.


The biggest point of debate would be mechanics and abilities. How does he fit into the team theme? One theme that we could definitely throw on this card is Reservist. This fits thematically into the old Avengers team theme as well as adding that flavor. Also making him viable in any prior Avengers decks. I think adding the Substitute mechanic is also a biggie for flavor. Clor after all was a substitute for Thor. Tony Stark thought having the power of a God, a highly recognizable one would be worth it, it would sway the war in his favor, which it sort of did strategically, so i think it is as well.

This is a Clone we didn't get to see much of, but he did have a huge impact on the Civil War Series. Clor killed Goliath and stopped Captain America's team in their tracks in doing so. As a matter of fact, his involvement in killing Goliath is what pretty much ended the Civil War. His ability should be reflective of just that. Clor took the sails out of the anti-registration forces with his single act of murder in the series, which made everyone even Captain America question whether it was worth fighting or not. Exhaustion, KO and Stun effects seem like good target abilities. Question is how fitting? There was a card that i liked quite a bit from the old Marvel Avenger(MAV) set, it was 6-cost Wonder Man, Simon Williams. He rarely saw play because 6-cost Captain America's Leader effect was just so much better, especially when coupled with a copy of Avenger Assemble. I think we need to transfer that ability to our new Thor.

"Activate, Reveal any number of face-down resources you control. Stun target character if its cost is less than the number of Avengers reservist cards you revealed. Use only once per turn."

This mimics Wonder Man's ability effectively. With the substitute mechanic we don't want to have it "as he comes into play" as that enables some seriously bad combos. it isn't hard to get reservist into your resource row and while it would require some effort to have 2 or 3 copies of Clor in your hand to substitute, this just really would break your opponents back in ways we don't want to imagine.

Flavor and Rarity

I love when a card is represented with flavor so that it looks as if it was literally ripped from the story itself. Having the picture on the card alone doesn't serve that purpose, but having the cards abilities reflective of that point in time is great. Flavor-text adds alot to that as well, otherwise it wouldn't be called flavor-text. So, to that extent we have to look at the biggest impact Thor Clone had in terms of reaction, first no one really new it was a clone. Secondly, the reactions to him killing Goliath could also be included, but its his "supposed" return that serves as the biggest earmark. I can't truthfully recall as i am writing this who the character is that said this, but i know it is in the pages.

"Where have you been. Everybody thought you were dead."

So, lastly the decision is what rarity this card has. I think it is obvious that for flavor and game-based effects we are going to plop the Rare stamp of approval on Clor. For those asking how flavorful...well how often have we seen Thor in VS System TCG? How long had it been before we saw Thor in a Marvel Comic before the CLOR? That alone warrants a flavor-ridden Rare Stamp.

So there you have it, lets take a look.

Name: Thor <> "Clor"- Project Lightning, Mighty Avengers
Casting Cost: 5
Type: Character
Team: Mighty Avengers
ATK: 9
DEF: 9

Game Text: Substitute, Reservist.
Activate, Reveal any number of face-down resources you control. Stun target character if its cost is less than the number of Avengers reservist cards you revealed. Use only once per turn.
Flavor Text: "Where have you been. Everybody thought you were dead."

I choose this pic for the image we use for the card simply because i thought it was awesome. We can edit out the text-box of Falcon and leave him in or edit him out all together to capture the card. This definitely looks great though as an Extended Art Card as well. I definitely wouldn't mind a foil version either as the lightning would just look amazing. So there we have it. Our first draft of a Thor creation of 2008.

Check back for the final version of this card. I am sure with help from those on Realms and TCGplayer we will nail down something.

Thanks for stopping by. Until Next Monday. Stay Tuned for other Ongoing Series in the Marvel and DC Universes. Each summary review will accompany scans of the comics and will be followed up with the series VS Reflections, where we create cards from the comics that inspire them.


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