It appears the R & D staff for VS System has been listening to the blogs popping up around the web. Instead of releasing card previews a week before sale dates we are now getting previews further out. Hopefully, the players aren't wrong and this marketing effort increases sales in the TCG. Believe me if you are a comic book fan the VS System TCG is an excellent game to plant your roots. COmbining some of the best aspects of strategy and chess-like play with your favorite Super heroes. The game has to be better that WOW TCG trust me.

Either way lets look at the 4 cards that have been released for preview over on VSSystem.com.

First cards first. Captain America and his Shield. This is a pretty bad ass version of Captain America and well worth the print. 13/13 stats make him a formidable 6 cost character. Definitely has me second guessing the 6 cost Thor character i created. Not really. Ok a little. What is really incredible about this card is his ability. You protect everyone on your side of the board from being stunned at the cost of a simple exhaust. This makes Captain America, Living Legend a must attack first target. What is also great about this card is it has Range, which means protecting your Captain America from being attacked not too difficult.

Captain America's Shield has a component we were playing around with creating Mjolnir. For those enjoying our VS Reflection's Thor Series, have no fair i haven't forgot about the cards that still need to come and Captain America's Shield has definitely inspired me to create that Mjolnir.

Captain America's Shield has a weird mechanic when we are looking at the 6 cost version. Return it to hand and your opponent exhaust a ready character. Your Captain America that is equipped must exhaust as well. Funny thing is though i am going to do a little research. Becase of the wording on th Shield Exhausting your Character is not a cost, but an effect. If i am right then that means you could use 6 cost Captain America's ability and still be able to use the Shield because the effect of exhausting your character is not part of the cost associated to play the ability.

Two very nice previews. Now lets look at two previews i could stand to never see again.

Here we have to Nextwave comic book characters. You reallyhave to be familiar wih comics to know who Nextwave are. The comic book is written completely as satire and a joke on the marvel super hero icons. Warren Ellis is the creative mind behind this series which sits outside the Marvel Universe continuity, wait it doesn't, know it does...

That is an interesting point of contention currently as there are contradictions to both points of view. Warren Ellis has stated the comics should exist outside the Marvel continuity, but Marvel has enveloped the Nextwave characters in the events of Civil War.

As a standalone piece the comics are funny, and i am all for joke, but injecting these characters into the Marvel Universe set? This has to be a joke. For the countless number of teams and characters that could have been created for this TCG we would get Nextwave. Hello, can i get some Thor presence in the Marvel Universe, especially since we are getting just one of these sets per year. That means if we don't get a Thor in this set we could be waiting for quite sometime.

Elsa's ability is a joke, but completely flavorful of the Nextwave series. T-Man overon TCGplayer.com has vowed to get multiple copies of her in play at once for the burn effect as well as being able ot slam his opponent just for S & G. I couldn't agree with him more. Tabitha is a complete situational character. Her ability allows her to steal a +1/+1 counter. We have seen this ability before in versus and it has not always turned out so great.

We will see how much play these cards receive in the future. I highly doubt i will be constructing any decks with these cards. Captain America is definitely enough of a preview to get me excited about Marvel Universe.

Tomorrow get ready for The Ultimates. If any alternate universe characters need to be in Marvel Universe the Ultimates should definitely be amongst them.

At the end of the week our Vs Reflections Thor Series will continue. We will redefine the cards we last created and add some new ones. Namely Mjolnir and Donald Blake. Come on Thor Fans you thought i forgot about Donald Blake? What kind of Thor Fan would i be if i forgot about Donald Blake?


MadJock said...

I'd have another look at the wording on the shield - it says 'exhaust equipped character' not 'exhaust ready equipped character'.

I think this will work with an already exhausted Cap.

NEIL04 said...

Thats the exact point i was trying to make. Glad someone else noticed it.

MadJock said...

So it was - that's what I get for reading things at 2am! Sorry about that.

BTW, I enjoy your other articles as well.

NEIL04 said...

thanks MadJock if you or any other reader have a comic series you are interested drop a line and i will check it out for reviews.


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