More previews, more previews from MUN. This time Kamiza.com had the privelege of previewing to heavy hitters. The fan created Captain America, Champion License and Human Torch, Secret Avengers. Both have some very interesting mechanics. Both stay true to their predecessors theme. Captain America protects his team and Human Torch burns and burns deep. T'Challa over on realms has already thought of the ways to break this card and he has broken it good.

Lets looks at Captain America first. He is a 4 cost character which means we have a Captain America at nearly every slot in the game except 1 and 8. Yes, dig through your card collection and take a look at big red, white and blue. This may turn out to be a favorite of mine other than Captain America, Super Soldier. SHIELD is previewed now as an actual team, this also gives me hope that we may see a THOR in the set as these cards are not just from MUN timeline.

Caps ability is a great new entry for the Leader mechanic. He can remove from combat Defenders and if he becomes stunned those adjacent have invulnerability. Where were effects like this for Superman? This version of Cap paints a bullseye on his own chest to be the first to be attacked, but rewards the controller for him stunning first. His ability basically means as long as he is on the board you take no stun endurance loss at all. Any attack can redirected to himself to trigger his effect and even if he is attacked first and becomes stunned the ability will still trigger. This is definitely a card worthy of being a Rare. I am definitely going to retool my Avengers deck.

Human Torch is nice and i am going to use T'Challa's Words to explain just how nice he is.

"Torch is one sick puppy. Consider...

Turn 2, Silver Surfer with Board. Goes to fetch Human Torch this new evil secret avenger one.

Turn 3, Surfer goes and gets that Heralds terraform location that does card draw.

Turn 4, you recruit Torch, flip up a We had a team-up giving Silver Surfer all affiliations you have in play, then use a mobilize to go grab your 11 drop Surfer and commence to burn your opponoent silly through any number of combinations of tricks.

Maybe Surfer should get To Me My X-men..? Maybe your 1 and 3 drops should be X-men affiliated so that this stunt works a little easier...? Splashed card draw effects to keep redrawing the Surfer from the top of the deck, like Ego Gem and the Heralds location. Burn your opponent for around 30-40 on turn 4. Yeah, I'm loving this new set."

I dont think i have to say anything more about this card any better than T'Challa put forth.

Those are your previews from Kamiza.com. Go Check them out. By the way Vote for Darkseid Revenge over on the VS Network. Just click on the vote icon in the right column. Later today we have a review of the Trials of Shazam so stay tuned.



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