New Previews for MUN are up on VSSystem.com. Another Captain America takes the stage and this time it’s a 2-cost character, yes a 2-cost character, how’s that for Legendary treatment. While I am not too keen on his rally effect it does warrant a look or two. What I mean by this is a +1/+1 counter on every character you control makes your 1-cost character a 2-cost character and your captain America a little further up the scale as a 3-cost character. Yes he too gets the bonus because it says when he enters play, so you end up with a 4/3 Captain America and a character card in hand. For a common that isn’t so bad. This also gives his Shield no meaning. You can use this on a 2 drop Cap and begin the exhaustion effects already. Looks like Avengers will once again become one of my favorite teams in the league. Hopefully a Thor is in the works for the team, doubtful, but I am hopeful.

Rally can be a very useful mechanic in the later game when it becomes somewhat easier with deck filter effects. I guess we will have to wait and see what the team has up its sleeve in the way of deck filtering, but there are some locations off-hand I can think of that will easily facilitate the mechanic.

Avengers Reassembled is definitely reminiscent of the old Avengers Search, except it affects your Resource. The Boost isn’t really a boost cost when you consider the standard fare in the game is to discard for search effect either way. But this search is also a 2 cost effect, wow…how many of those are in the game, none that I can think of.

The two of these cards together also have great synergy. Here is an “ideal” turn 2.

Play this Avengers Reassembled in your resource row. Flip it. Grab whatever character you need to fill out your curve, now you know what’s on the top of your deck. Play Captain America and rally for that card. Discard a card and replace Avengers Reassembled in your resource row.

If you are playing with reservist this works great as well. I love the artwork. I am pretty sure the image used on this is from Captain America #25, but I am not positive so don’t quote me on it and I haven’t yet been able to rifle the image on Avengers Reassembled as of yet. That also makes two rare previews thus far. I was hoping to get clarification that the two Nextwave cards were part of an elaborate April Fools joke, but there was none so I guess we have to deal with it.

It also appears that UDE is going to be doing some more previews later this week, so check out TCGplayer.com, The Kamiza.Com, LostHemisphere.com and VsRealms.com for more MUN preview goodness.

As a side note I have been rifling some of my comic book collections and UDE I have to say WTF? Why do we have Marketing and Advertisements for World of Warcraft in Marvel Comics, but no Marketing for VS System? Yes, go open your newest issues and look at the Marketing by UDE for the new WOW expansion in the pages of comic books no less. Someone has to jump down that rabbit-hole and make sure there is proper marketing going on for this game.



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