Okay this set is going to be on shelves at your local hobby shops who carry the product at the beginning of the summer. VS System has been in play since early 2004 and this set stands to give it a huge propulsion in the TCG market. Today we there are 2 new previews on the market to get that appetite going and very strongly.

UDE if your still listening now would be a hell of a good time to start marketing the product in the pages of our comic books where we get the source material. I know World of Warcraft (WOW) now has it's comic book entry, but marketing in comic books should be reserved for the likes of the VS System product. The DCX and MAA content that you are selling in the point store could be inserted in the pages of the comics in order to drive sales for comics as well amongst VS TCG fans. These are just kind suggestions. I have a friend who is marketing maybe she and her friends can tell you the many reason i couldn't who this will drive sales in a game that is dependant upon it's source material.

Off my high horse and onto Charging Star and Superhuman Registration Act.

Charging Star was another Captain America preview card. It is definitely groundbreaking and the type of card i like to see as it gives the game that counter-strategy i generally build my decks around. The best offense is a good defense and Captain America probably has the best in the game with this card. +4 DEF and Effect Negation. That is huge. The only Attack pumps getting over this that are actually being played would be Savage Beatdown and Blinding Rage. Funny thing is there is absolutely no drawback to this massive defensive pump other than it is Cap stamped. I wont go too far off on this card. Check out TCGplayer.com where the card was previews by Brian Foley also known as KansasHoops. There really isn't anything i could say better than he did about the card.

Of note for fans of the Marvel Vs. Capcom Franchise. The Ben Seck part of R&D has also noted that along with Charging Star, a move from the video game, there will also be cards entitled; Final Justice, Shield Slash, and Stars and Stripes.

Superhuman Registration Act was released over on VSrealms and for those who thought T'Challa's idea for abusing Human Torch, Secret Avenger was pure Jank Sauce then you better pay attention, no telling what other support to that deck idea may drum up in this set.

Kamiza is an excellent writer and far be it for me to try and out talk his shine over on VsRealms.com. GO check out what he had to say.



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