This blog is moving at such a rapid pace this month. Preview after preview is coming down the pipe on various blogs and sites for the Marvel Universe set; it is simply an amazing and exciting time to be a part of the Versus System community. When you add the comic reviews I am trying to pump out and we have a very busy time for this blog, hopefully more readers as well. Sorry if I am not keeping up with the demand.

Today we have previews from a very special comic series that was loved, perhaps, more than Civil War, Planet Hulk and World War Hulk. Greg Pak did some amazing work on these series and the cards reflect all the flavor of the story. We have the two Hulk previews and his Planet Hulk wife, baby's mama, Caiera. Yes, if you haven't read the story I highly suggest you pick yourself up some back issues of Planet Hulk and World War Hulk series and then brace yourself for June when Skaar: Son of Hulk begins.

Right now let’s take a look at these awesome previews for Marvel Universe (MUN). Later today look for reviews for Nova #12, which should knock your socks off.

We start with Caiera, The Oldstrong. This femme fatale was no pushover in the series, put it this way she tamed Hulk so she must have been bad ass, not to mention she birthed his child, you can't really beat that. She is rewarded in our game with a 6-cost entry and she is well deserving of it. As you can see from the comics the Oldstrong are nothing to joke with, almost as powerful as Hulk and masters of the mystics as well.

When you look at her ability you really say WTF, who cares worthless in the current rush meta, but if you remember MVL there was a card that operated similarly. Sentinel worked well with Magneto, with both on the board it meant an extra stun on the lowest character in play, which worked out a little crazy at times depending on the board. I don’t think we will be seeing this card a lot because you are essentially stunning and removing a 6 drop from play in return for a one time game modifying effect in the late game which means you are planning a combo deck around this. This also means you are stalling, but we already know there is a Hulk Deck that kills on 5 effectively so this may just fill out the character curve nicely. Everyone can probably already see her usefulness in that Marvel Defenders Hulk deck. Remember the effects of Caiera remain for the entire game.

Next we have Hulk, Gladiator. This is a great 5 Cost version of Hulk, his legend will definitely grow because of this card. This Hulk packs has a way to avoid wasting Hulk's already recruited, using a boost effect, Hulk, Gladiator allows you to stun your opponents opposing character of equal or lesser cost. That is a pretty destructive Hulk and the first recruit vengeance effect I can remember in the game. He also has 10/10 stats which makes him a very large 5-cost character.

Hulk, Green Scar is awesome. Gamma Counters almost seems like the Cap's Shield counters. I wonder how much of a factor they will play with the rest of the Warbound cards. How many of the Hulk cards they interact with are also of interest to me, here we have two version which pretty much rounds out the legend, but just this one mention of a gamma counter.

** Righteous Anger was thrown into the pool of cards and it needed recognition. This card adds alot of theat X-Statix feel to the game. Hulk, Grump Green Goliath will surely see some action in upcoming tournaments after the release of MUN. Anyone want to count the number of cards there are that allow you to recover and ready a character, yeah there is not that many and the bruiser of bruisers now has one.

Check out what has been said and more over on VSrealms, TCGplayer and VsSystem.com for more info about the warbound. Remember if you like the site take a second to vote for it on the VS Network. The link is on the right column, click on Darkseid, thanks.

**added on 04.15.08



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