Secret Invasion #1

Ok, April is upon us and a lot is going on around the comic-world. Series are beginning and Series are ending. Plus this site has been promising some good content with reviews and it’s probably going to see like a rail-gun this month as new series will be popping up in flurries, but it’s better for you to have something to read than nothing at all. That’s my opinion. This also means in most cases more scans from your favorite reads.

Secret Invasion #1Secret Invasion #1

We start the day with a review of “Secret Invasion.” This series has apparently been building up for years unbeknownst to us the readers of Marvel, three years in fact. I am not a fan of Marvel’s sales through crossover events, but they have undoubtedly done so with extreme calculation for this event. Michael Bendis definitely has job security over at Marvel, because he has been the mastermind behind this whole Skrull invasion.

Secret Invasion #1,Hank Pym,Iron Man,Reed RichardsHank Pym,Secret Invasion #1,Reed Richards,Iron Man

This first issue was excellent, Bendis and Leinil Yu seem to be well on their way to crafting a story that will shadow the events of just about every event Marvel has had in the past three years. Joe Quesada was kind enough to show us the groundwork that was laid by Bendis throughout the years and series that gave us clues. So if you are still asking yourself “Who do you Trust?” you would probably be better served to ask what did I miss and go back and pick up some of these titles to figure it out; The Avengers: Kree-Skrull War, Secret War, The New Avengers: Breakout, House of M, Annihilation Vol. 1-3, Civil War, The New Avengers: Illuminati, The New Avengers: The Trust, Secret Invasion, and more…

Secret Invasion #1,Mighty Avengers,Secret AvengersSecret Avengers,Secret Invasion #1,Mighty Avengers

From Quesada’s perspective it would seem anything Bendis has written or aided in writing in the past three years is up for grabs, littered with clues and references as to how long this Skrull invasion has been planned.

Iron Man,Jarvis,Secret Invasion #1Skrulls,Avengers,Secret Invasion #1

Other than great writing this first issue jumped deep into the heart of it all with the invasion becoming public to the entire super-hero community. For those that do not know, Spider-Woman brought the corpse of a Skrull posing as Elektra to Tony Stark. This is what got everything kicking off and divided a community already divided fall further into ruins, heroes questioning other heroes. Dr. Hank Pym and Reed Richards are brought into Stark’s labs to figure out how the Skrulls are going undetected by everyone.

Avengers,Secret Invasion #1Hank Pym,Reed Richards,Skrull Impostor,Secret Invasion #1

Just as this is getting interesting a Skrull transport ship breaks Earths atmosphere and crash lands into the Savage Land of all places. Spider-Woman alerts the “Secret Avengers” so they can respond before the “Mighty Avengers.” The Secret Avengers steal the Quinjet and head off to the Savage Land to investigate. This gets interesting as both teams meet up and are ready to knock each others blocks off, funny as they are all in danger of the Skrull transport ship that is before them.

This is when things get real interesting. We know from the pages of Civil War that at this point Stark has his hands in a bit of everything, we don’t know why, but we get a clue. This may be prearranged by the Skrulls. Every system including Starks armor begin sounding off the bells and whistles, a virus has infected the systems, a virus undetectable to Tony Stark? Yes! Stark is literally brought to his knees before the Avengers and sent into seizures as his armor is unresponsive.

Here is a list of Key things we learn in this issue:

a. Hank Pym is revealed to be a Skrull at the end of the issue as he shoots Reed Richards just as Richards is about to reveal how the Skrulls are going about undetected.
b. Dum Dum Dugan is revealed to be a Skrull as well.
c. Jarvis of all people is also a Skrull as he hacks
d. A Skrull Super-Hero force emerges from the Transport ship.
e. The Skrull invasion fleet is in Earth’s Atmosphere.
f. Tony is probably not a Skrull

That was a lot revealed. I can’t say too much or too little about this issue. The art was great and the writing was definitely great. The build-up that has been going on for three years has finally kicked off. How this invasion will change our thoughts on the rest of the Marvel Universe is going to be key, as more and more is revealed to us as the Secret Invasion series unfolds.

The biggest takeaway for me was that the events in the pages of Annihilation will have ramifications on Earth. If you haven’t been reading the Mighty Avengers then you may want to pick up the last three issues as Doom goodness is in that as well. How he plays into all of this is becoming a point of interest to me, especially with his increasing Mystical powers and his relationship with Morgan La Fey. Doom may need his own series.

Check out the panels and enjoy either way. Marvel has some exciting things going on behind the curtains and I can’t wait for the unveiling. Hoping 8 issues into this I am not disappointed the way I was with Civil War or World War Hulk.

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