Clandestine Operations is our last Illuminati preview of the week and it is definitely a banging way to end the week. This card packs so mush abusability that we now no longer need to worry about how the team will fare against other decks or if they can stand on their own two feet. The team obviously has an exhaustion theme and we now know it doesn’t hurt to be exhausted at all. This card really makes me view the Illuminati like the Martin Luther King Jr. or Mahatma Ghandi of Versus, winning through non-violence. If we didn’t get to see the other cards for the team in the set like the Infinity Gauntlet, I would be questioning how the heck does this team win? Well, actually I am still questioning that a bit, especially with all the exhaustion effects this team has going on so far it seems like they are hardly ever actually attacking. I am pretty sure we will see that as well later on.

As a wrap up to the week this card yields some big surprises though for how the Illuminati are going to effectively deal with opposing characters in their bid to stall and this has to be the best stall card in the history of versus. This card effectively neuters your opponents characters for atleast the turn they come into play and yes it does the same to yours, but remember you can use the chain and since the Illuminati seem to be touting a lot of exhaustion effects having something to chain to in order to make your play more effective should not be too difficult.

Combined with the cards we have seen and the laundry list of possible team-ups from this legendary organization I am sure we will be seeing a lot of the Illuminati in coming months. I know I will be building for them, how about you?
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