The Eternals

Jack Kirby’s New Gods have passed away in the DC Universe, but his Near-Gods of the Marvel Universe, The Eternals are rising from the ashes. That is probably what headlines everywhere will read when this series kicks off in June. The timing probably could not have been better. Jack Kirby created these characters after he created the New Gods over in DC and returned to Marvel. The series was not very successful and pretty much met the same fate as the New Gods in DC, but Neil Gaiman picked up a pen and started writing (retconning) the story just a little and putting a modern spin on things and people loved it. His limited series was turned into a trade paperback and the characters have been sprinkled throughout the Marvel Universe.

Ikaris battled Hercules most recently as Hercules was presumed an Eternal. That was far from the case and just a mistake by Makkari, an Eternal with the ability to track down lost Eternals. In Secret Invasion #2 we even see a warskrull, Ikaris, which I thought stole the whole two page layout.

The Skrulls and Eternals are intrinsically linked by the Celestials along with the Deviants, whether or not Bendis planned this and if Neil Gaiman will weave his writing mind to place them in the line of fire with this invasion of Earth should be interesting. The history of these characters and their lineage is quite interesting. Basics, the Skrulls are the offshoots of the Deviants which basically makes them enemies of the Eternals. I have to admit curiosity, especially with all the religious Skrull prophecy. I am also wondering if Druig or another Deviant has a hand in this somehow. I mean they are running around talking about “He loves me,” who loves you?

I am very interested in this series and the fact that Gaiman and Romita will be spearheading this series says folds. Already from the previews the artwork looks different than anything on the shelves right now and Gaiman knows how to write one hell of a story. Darkseid Revenge will definitely bring you scans and reviews of the series starting in June. If you are skeptical I suggest you pick up Gaiman’s Eternals trade paperback.



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