Today we play catch-up review for all the MUN goodies that have been previewed over the course of the week. We have one more coming down the line tomorrow and that will be added to this entry tomorrow. We also have some more cards from MUL and news about release celebrations this week for MUN. Let’s deal with our MUN previews first.

Coming hot off the press from VS System.com Rian Fike got everyone all excited about Crime Lords week with James Barnes Winter Soldier and Death Warrant. Rian Fike does what Rian Fike does and that is getting the players excited. I have to admit I was excited about Crime Lords week when I saw these two cards, especially, Death Warrant.

James Barnes Winter Soldier is a terrific card. The ability is reflective of his marksmanship abilities. Don’t know who James Barnes is? Well, then I know you don’t read comics; He is our current Captain America and Captain America’s former sidekick, Bucky. The card art is awesome; Steve Epting did this for some promotional artwork for the Captain America series. Some of you are probably wondering why Captain America’s sidekick is a bad guy, well that was due to a lot of brainwashing by the Russians who also gave him the cyborg arm. This card’s only drawback is that to use the ability James Barnes must be placed on top of your deck, which will limit you on your draw for the next turn so you better have a way to get him off the top of your deck to make him extremely beneficial. I would have said that having a defender with reinforcement as part of the cards use also limits him, but this is the Crime Lords team and not too many teams are better at reinforcement tricks than the Crime Lords.

Death Warrant was another of those cards that was previewed over on VS System.com and got a little bit of attention. Well deserved attention I will add. Death Warrant is the first card we have seen in the game that allows you to attach equipment to your opponent’s characters. There are only a couple of things that you will have to consider when doing this; make sure your opponent has already gone through their recruitment first because there will be a number of way they will get out of its effect and then next ensure that you have a way of stunning their character. This card seems like an off-initiative play to me, but I could be wrong, I am not a rule Nazi and I haven’t seen all Crime Lords has to offer as of yet.

Players finally got what they wanted in getting a printed Mandarin Card, absent of hands this card still demonstrates his ability to use the 10 power rings to their fullest. No way is UDE going to print 10 ring equipment cards, I hope not, so we make the ability attached to 10 other items in the VS TCG, and that is simply 10 cards to stun any 1 character. Truthfully it seems like a lot for a stun and thus far this week we haven’t seen any draw accelerants for the team previewed. At a 3 cost of visible I am not so sure this card will see a lot of play anyway because it will more than likely be gone from the board when it could be used to effectiveness or under dropped for. Deciding on whether I want to discard 10 cards that could potentially help in greater ways is also a decision that is not going to make game play easier. All in all this is definitely a good entry for the Mandarin. If you want to know why Mandarin doesn’t have those hands anymore you may want to go and pick up some back issues of Iron Man’s current series. I am not that big of an Iron Man fan if a fan at all. I rather watch Thor whoop on his ass. The Mandarin was previewed over on Vs-Blog.com.

Yesterday we got a treat to an Original nemesis of Captain America, Red Skull. This Nazi has had more show downs with the Cap than any and has been the namesake of three different villains two posing as the original because of how feared the original was. Well here we have Red Skull acting as the anti-Cap, as Captain Spud from Lost Hemisphere pointed out, yeah, let me post that side by side for you to see clearly. The ability is nothing short of amazing and the only thing I question is why this card is a common, at worst it’s an uncommon for sure, at best a lower end rare. That’s for the boys over at UDE though, I’m just happy to see such an effect. I promise to post a deck breaking this card with a number of my favorites, especially the likes of Vengeance, Batman and Darkseid as usual. This will be the first “money” common of the VS TCG. It will wreak havoc in constructed and be a want in limited. Go check out the preview on readrant.wordpress.com

Today we got HYDRA, Armageddon Carrier over on realms. Walter Kovacs pointed out a very interesting note about the synergy that seems to exist between SHIELD and HYDRA, especially with Thor, Cyborg Clone. This card just added to the fog over my eyes for this team. It’s another discard effect, but everyone has to be asking with all of the discard effects where is the KO’d pile recursion. Draw to fuel these effects is fine, but at some point I am wearing down my deck and getting rid of valuable cards.

I don’t know how the boys over at UDE keep rolling these cards out, but they are and to top things of we have 3 new MUL previews and some more spoilers about MUL, especially one that will get my panties in a bunch, more on that later, but right now look at these MUL goodies…

TBS responded to the cries over on VSrealms about a desire for a spoiler list, some people are just never happy, but one card has me intrigued, Thou Art no Thor!.

I could speculate but i am sure we know this is probably from the battle between Hercules and Cyborg Thor in the Civil War series. I would love to get myself worked up in belief that this is hint at an actual Thor card or two, but i can't say for sure and I am just hoping at this point. Here is a list of some other spoilers TBS let out...

M.O.D.O.K., Mental Organism Only Designed for Killing * AIM
Hulkbuster Armor
Wolverine, Agent of SHIELD *
HydraSentinel Squad O*N*E*, Army
Thou art no Thor!
Cosmic Cube
Cosmic Control Rod
I am Doom
Silver Surfer, The Silver Savage
Abomination, Emil Blonsky
The Beyonder, Inhuman
What If?

Hope that gets you excited about MUN!



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