DC Universe #0: Part 2

Okay so I have been mopping around my house looking at my DC comic books trying to figure out how I was going to bail on DC. I mean these guys are responsible for the Jerry Siegel fiasco and losing the copyrights to the family, which hangs Superman up in the air. Then we have the illusion of Batman’s demise coming, plus the death of the New Gods, who I loved and adored. Darkseid dying in Countdown and Death of the New Gods was a little more than I can handle. Well when I picked up my issue of DC Universe #0 I guess there was a lot of things I missed, a lot of things a lot of people missed.

The biggest of the two plot devices being used in the issue was the return of Barry Allen whom a lot of people assumed was the aflame figure falling from the sky, well that is furthest from the truth. Yes the narration is telling of the return of Barry Allen and the last page visits the Flash symbol striking down, but the figure falling from the skies is in fact, Dread Darkseid, yes it is the rebirth of the New Gods.

Barry Allen’s narration even hints at it; “I’m the only one who knows there was a WAR in Heaven. And Evil Won.” On these pages of DC Universe #0 is when we first start seeing the aflame figure falling. I allowed the narration and the rest of the story to throw me off, but look at where the figure emerges from, it is the space in between Apokolips without the firepits lit and New Genesis. Libra is then talking to the Rogues Gallery about worshipping this NEW GOD, Libra is there to usher in HIS new age. Darkseid is reborn in DC Universe #0 and I allowed myself to be deceived by not seeing it.

Geoff John, co-writer of the series with Grant Morrison confirmed this in an interview with NEWSARAMA, also dispelling some of the other hints that are painted in the pages of DC Universe #0.

NRAMA: And the falling figure who is aflame. We're witnessing the birth of
a god here, right?
GJ: That's Darkseid. So it's a birth, or a rebirth.
NRAMA: So Darkseid is the god about whom Libra is talking.
GJ: Yep.

That is interesting stuff, I was thinking I was going to have to change the name of this blog to Thor’s something or another and forego my hidden love for villainous characters the likes of Darkseid. WOW! Talk about jam-packed. DC Universe #0 has more clues and hints about the future of the DCU and the Final Crisis than I had imagined. You can check out more about the clues in the DC Universe #0 issue here at NEWSARAMA.

I guess that means we can expect the reincarnated 5th World version of Darkseid to wreak a great deal of havoc in the Final Crisis series.



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