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Three days and counting and the biggest Versus event of the year will take stage in Columbus Ohio. Every player will swarm the convention center with hopes of being named number 1 in the world with some concoction of scarce, but valuable cards from the latest sets in the Versus TCG. Are you going to be there? If you are not don't worry many of the players including myself will be reporting from the event.

I want to let you all know the server is back up. Now there is going to be some things that will not happen on the site this week as you all can assume. First and foremost for those who are looking forward to this weeks comics I apologize. You will have to wait until next monday to get your fix, luckily there are not that many titles that are hitting shelves this week that i am too concerned with reviewing. Final Crisis #2 is probably the biggest hitting the shelf and well I am not too excited about that right now, the hype seems not worth the wait. I also hope you like the new layout of the site. I am trying to streamline the site as best as possible to make it as efficient as possible. The new peakaboo post helps with the lengthy reviews along with the scans, just remember to select read more to expand the article and get the full review along with the scans and then hit summary which will collapse the article. Specific comic titles can still be accessed ont he left colum as well as new on the VS server and Sets. Enjoy!

Let me take this moment to explain whats going on this weekend as far as my plans are concerned. I have an early flight leaving out of Washington D.C. and arriving in Ohio at about 10 in the AM. I plan on heading over to the convention center and getting some MUN draft in, mainly just to gather up some cards, but as practice in case I happen to make day 2. Right now i still plan on playing an Illuminati deck. The one i posted on this site with some minor tweaks. Remember for me this tournament is more about fun, so unless i arrive on the scene and find I have absolutely no chance of having fun playing an Illuminati deck then that is what i will be playing. The only problem is there are alot of decks including Avengers and Hulk that hit the field hard by turns 4 and 5 and will deal with Illuminati quicker than the Illuminati engine can come online. I plan on taking a World's Finest deck just in case though.

You should be able to follow my tourney play and others as well right here. Hopefully, I can get the podcast going so i can do quick downloads and uploads, that is also provided the Convention center has wifi connectivity.

Either way, I am meeting up with T'Challa and we will discuss my best course of action. Friday i am going to play in the Modern Age event and if i scrub out i will play some of the side events, Draft and Sealed play. I will follow the main event closely whatever happens and get the info on this site quickly. If T'Challa wants i'll follow whatever deck he plays as well. Sunday i have an after 6pm flight home so that should give me plentyof time to follow the ending to the event, if not i apologize.

I'm looking forward to meeting all the aliases as this will be my first major tournament, i have only participated in 2 due to work, i am pretty good at building viable decks the only thing is getting the cards to play them or rather having a place to play them hear in Richmond, Virginia.

As a last note for those remaining behind and looking forward to using my server, darkseid.servegame.com, it's up as long as it doesn't go down while I am away. I am sorry, but i dont have remote access to my pc at the moment and waiting on seeing if it is worth it to get that deep into maintaining. Have fun and to those i have not met, I bring you Illumination!

P.S. My only regret about going to Worlds is I will be missing a young lady who is beautiful and wil be jumpin and waving at Carnivale in the D.C. area. Her dad is a hell of a guitarist as well and he will be playing so i am sad to miss that.

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Carlos said...

Looking forward to meeting you at Worlds!


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