Justice League of America #22 brings the series back on track with great writing and even better art and a direction for the future I am happy to see. The Last issue was a DC “Sightings” event which meant it tied into the Final Crisis series as a bread crumb and I can’t say I liked the issue too much as it strayed from the direction the series was going, but like I said JLA #22 brings everything back in line with what I want and more.

This story Arc is entitled the “Second Coming” chapter one, for those who have not been following the events in JLA, Red Tornado has basically loss his body again. Yes, this is not the first time and it will probably not be the last time. However some of the greatest minds on the Earth, to include Dr. Magnus, Batman, Niles Caulder, Mr. Terrific and even Zatanna have built Reddy a new improved body which looks awesome, but begs the question would he be called the Red Tornado if he were in the new body?

Reddy has been holed up in the JLA computer waiting for this procedure and now he begins questioning whether or not it is worth it because he will never experience the love and or feelings that he has witnessed the other members of the JLA witness. This has always been a nice dynamic with the Red Tornado character. Before the operation though things get a little weird as the secondary programming that Reddy was telling Batman and the others he felt within his systems reveals itself to be none other than Amazo. Amazo has fully repaired the old Red Tornado body and wreaks havoc upon the Justice League with a preemptive strike. He then assumes the new and improved body built for Red Tornado.

This is a nice story as it defines the pace and events of the current arc, but I was more interested in the back stories going on, namely the love relationship between Hawkgirl and Red Arrow. This was nice because of the Final Crisis series where the two were working to defeat the Human Flame, but in this story the relationship is given some depth with insight from Superman and Green Lantern. Meanwhile Vixen reveals to the team the truth about the current status of her powers.

Black Canary shows just how compassionate she can be while maintaining her leadership role of the JLA by removing Vixen from the team according to the bylaws. Canary doesn’t want the team jeopardized, but she still decides to help Vixen figure out what is wrong with her powers which seems to be the start of a Vixen story arc later this summer. All in all I am pleased with this issue. McDuffie and Benes put together an excellent job and manage to get readers interested in the storyline after the short hiatus that was “Sightings.”

Hopefully, you enjoy the read as much as I did, so go pick up a copy from your local retailer. Don't forget to come and check out the blog as i take on Worlds one day at a time. I'm excited and looking forward to it with great anticipation.

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