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Who are the Eternals? Do we have representation of the Eternals in the Versus System TCG? How integral are they to the Marvel Universe? All these questions and more will be answered over the course of the new Eternals ongoing series right here on Darkseid Revenge.

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“Who are the Eternals?”

Let me start by answering this question as a lead into the review of Eternals #1. Jack Kirby who has had a hand in all of my favorite creations created the Eternals after returning to Marvel from DC where he created the New Gods. You could make the argument that these are the sister gods to his New Gods creation. The Eternals serve a larger back drop to the Marvel Universe as their existence and connection to the Super-Hero phenomena is often explained through the experimentation by the Celestials. They have never really integrated into the mainstream continuity with much success.

In Eternals #2 we are promised the back story and the origins of the Celestials themselves, for now we will keep on the track and understanding that these demi-godlike begins experimented on a number of races including early humans and created the two races, the Eternals and the Deviants. Their experimentations are responsible for the existence of the mutants as well as other races such as the Kree and Skrull.

Eternals unlike their Deviant counterparts look human, long-lived (near immortal). They are immune to disease and poison and do not fatigue. They have the ability to regenerate as long as their minds will it. Eternals can survive in all climates and environments. At the home base of the Eternals as long as “The Machine” is running an Eternals life will constantly be reconstituted even in death. All Eternals have Superhuman Strength which changes depending on energy focus, fire energy projectiles from both hands and eyes, Flight, Telepathy, Teleportation, Transmutation, though the 3 T’s are very exhausting on an Eternal, therefore many focus their strengths in specific areas which generally define their abilities further. All said Eternals are bad asses and it would be very hard to fit them into the Marvel U without making them living deities tipping the scales constantly.

Eternals #1Eternals #1

There is no doubt that Neil Gaiman’s limited series is what prompted Marvel to start the new Eternals ongoing series, hopefully the series will be able to stand on it’s own two feet and be a success, lets explore that with a review of it’s first installation. The series is written by Charles and Daniel Knauf and drawn by Daniel Acuna. Those are some names not many people will be very familiar with and their body of work in the comic industry is not that impressive, a little saddening that Neil Gaiman didn’t continue the work, but hopefully these three can give the Eternals that flair and excitement to keep this ongoing series, well … ongoing.

Eternals #1Eternals #1

You really don’t need to read Neil Gaiman’s run on the Eternals, but this story picks up right where he left off. The plot is pretty much similar to the start of Thor’s ongoing series, where we find God’s racing against time to restore their fellow God’s. In this series the one doing the racing are Ikaris and Thena, Makari is supporting them by helping them find the locations of the other Eternals. Anyone reading any of Marvel’s other titles that have changed location has probably noticed the big golden statue in San Francisco. That is the Dreaming Celestial, Tiamut, which was awakened in Neil Gaiman’s run. Apparently, the Dreaming Celestial has sounded the call for “The Horde” to come to bring destruction on Earth. Hopefully this event will come to pass and we will have the Eternals integrate into the Marvel continuity more fluidly. Ikaris and Thena are trying to restore all the Eternals so that they can rally against the invasion, but they have another Eternal, Druig to contend with. Druig has different plans for the Eternals. He wants to rule over the other races and be the leader basically.

Eternals #1Eternals #1

The Knaufs do an excellent job in getting some of this information out to the reader in a very deliberate process. Much of the why is not answered, but who is all in place. I will have to say that they have also done an extremely superb job of humanizing the Eternals, which is never a simple task as many can see with the near godlike beings such as; Thor and Superman in comics. For those readers unfamiliar with these characters it is hard to be pulled into the characters, especially with such scarce history, they are here and there throughout Marvel History as the explanation for much of the Marvel U phenomena, but very little is explained.

Eternals #1Eternals #1

Thanos is actually an Eternal, though he is considered a mutant. Thanos is born with the Deviant gene, thus his difference in appearance. Hopefully that bit of information can at least help to wrap your mind around the power level of these beings.

In the series the only Eternals currently awake that we know of are Ikaris, Thena, Druig, Makari and Sersi. Zuras is hinted as being awake as he seems to have made a pact with Druig and Legba is awakened by issues end. There seems to be some indication in this issue that Thena’s son Joey may be an Eternal as well, but with current information it would be impossible. Eternals can inter-breed with humans, but the result is always a human child. The Dreaming Celestial is narrating part of the story which is interesting because he is standing in observance of the ongoing of Earth from San Francisco. His concern when Druig places Joey’s life in danger toward the end of the issue seems to note some importance in the youngster. It is quite possibly Joey could be an Eternal.

I will not go into depth on which each character is in this review. It doesn’t seem particularly reasonable. I am going to create some fantasy card content for the Eternals series and as I do I will. The art direction of the series is my only complaint if you want to call it that. The cover art is very dynamic and bold, but in some sections the art falls flat, bold lines and heavy colors replace detail. Action scenes come across less impact and more like a flip book. This is especially noticeable in the panels where Druig and Ikaris are fighting. Overall the visuals work and they fit the mood, but I am concerned for future issues.

All in all I have to say I enjoyed Eternals #1 and I hope you do as well. Go grab a copy off the shelves.

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