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Secret Invasion #6

A couple of previews and comic book news for everyone, first, I hope everyone is enjoying the streamlined blog design. It will allow me more space to write and preview articles and comics in the future. It may slow down web loads sometimes depending on your connection but I am figuring that out. As series become more popular with reviews I will bring them to the forefront unless they are supposed to be major events like Final Crisis and Secret Invasion. I want the reader to have access to that all the time. Alright, on to the previews…

The Big Three

Marvel released Cover Art for Secret Invasion #6 and I felt it highly necessary to let everyone know that Thor is coming to the forefront of the Secret Invasion, hopefully this isn’t some Skrull trick. I also loved the art for the cover as we just got the card The Big Three in the Marvel Universe Set which is older artwork of the same thing. What angers me about that card being in the set as that we only got one copy of Thor in the whole set. I am happy we even got him, but if he is a member of the Big Three he needs to be featured once and for all as a premiere icon in the Marvel community and therefore in our game of Versus. Marvel obviously felt he was important enough; he has a movie coming down the road that is slated for 2010 and to be directed by Matthew Vaughn (Stardust and Layer Cake). Rumor has it Brad Pitt is being looked at to play Thor, I am not happy or sad about that. The man can act, but play a character like Thor is appearance is totally different, better start eating those Wheaties, Bradd. Apparently a script has been penned by Mark Petrosevich, which is always good news in the realm of movie land.

Deadpool Cover Art

Alright enough about Thor and Secret Invasion, some of you might be interested in the new ongoing series for a certain comedic Marvel character named, Deadpool? Yeah, I figured some of you would be. Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is apparently part of the Wolverine movie and this is probably the little extra step Marvel is making in order to secure that these characters will be knowable to movie goers. There is no way you get an actor like Ryan Reynolds to play Deadpool and give him a small role. I am not sure how Deadpool’s series will fare, they restarted Cable and that didn’t do so well, but hopefully this doesn’t come full circle and we are reading Cable and Deadpool team-up series in the future. You have to love the comedic artwork on Deadpool, Independent Contractor in the Marvel Universe set. I'm not going to singin high praises for his ability, but that is just because i am not a fan of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team theme of bouncing lower characters back to hand for discard effects for later use. But he does manage to pull off some very nice plays with both affiliations. In the movie he will probably be fitting more into that Weapon X category. Can't wait until 2009.

Deadpool Independent COntractor

Lastly, Eternals #2 previews have been released. In the next chapter we learn all about the Celestials and Makkari’s connection to the Dreaming Celestial that is sitting in San Francisco. If you think these characters don’t have relationship to the whole of the Marvel Universe, you would be surprised. You can pick up a lot of books and see both the Celestials and the Eternals and see how they figure into your favorite character’s bios. Jack “The King” Kirby knows how to write characters. Later this week I will be doing a VS Reflections: Eternals piece and I promise to go into the details about them, but right now just have your appetites appeased by the preview Cover Art and interior for Eternals #2.

Eternals #2

Eternals #2Eternals #2

Eternals #2Eternals #2

Eternals #3 Cover Art (Makkari)
Eternals #3

Well, Thank you for Dropping in and don't forget to check out the reviews on the site. Trinity #2 went up today so you be the judge of it and let me know hwere i went wrong. As a side note i want to thank the guys down at Groovy Geckos Comics and Games in Williamsburg, VA for an awesome release celebration for the Marvel Universe.

No, I am not going to post what i played all you need to know is i went 2-3 in the damn celebration and it wasn't bad deck building because i managed to pull out my curve, but it's kind of hard to get any kind of offense going when you open 5 packs and pull 10 Team-Ups in draft, yes 10 and everything else was stamped to a Legend. I managed to pull 3 attack pumps and they were all Avengers stamped which would not have been bad if i hadn't pulled only 4 Avengers characters. Anywho, enough with those reports, hopefull i do better at Worlds, Stay Tuned...

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