Trinity #2

I am not happy in writing this review. I know that is a bad way to start a review and juts from the summary many of you will probably refuse to read more than these two lines, but remember these reviews are just my opinions and the images are placed so you can get a glimpse and make your own assessment of the material. The images are also just teasers so we can get more readers to pick up the comics from their local retailers. It’s funny to find out how many people playing the game of Versus don’t even actually read the comics and their knowledge of the material is simply from hearsay and/or television programming and what have you. Either way I hope you all like the new layout to the blog and hope it makes finding what you want to read a little easier, Now on with the review.


Trinity #2 didn’t accomplish anything that Trinity #1 didn’t accomplish. We are not drawn deeper into the story by the characters or the events taking place. Instead what I found was I was more interested in the second half of the issue than I was the first once again. What is bad about this series is that it is following the same weekly print out that 52 and Countdown followed, but I am not going to be sticking around for this weekly much longer. The story is lacking on so many levels and the writing is near horrific. At one point in the opening segments when Superman is dealing with Suns colliding into buildings in Metropolis and rescuing people (little damage is occurring as the result of these stars being in orbit) the actual writing is him thinking of how he would love to have the time to study these things. Snore-fest!


Wonder Woman and Batman are facing their own battles as well. Wonder Woman is fighting some robots and this is even more ridiculous as Superman races to her aide before he does Batman and she refuses his aide in the battle against these giant robots. Batman has a head game being played on him which he seems to break free of by “luck” and “luck” alone. His is probably the worst contrived garbage ever as all he has to do is say “No” in order to deny the illusion. We could have all broken free of that, but somehow this impresses the duo of Morgan La Fey and Enigma (the high-tech riddler). The characters are written in the worst plausible way for this series and unifying them of defining them as the Trinity is becoming a fantasy further and further out of reach than it was before this series began.


As I said the exciting part of the series was the fight between John Stewart and this unknown alien which ended in the aliens favor due to something weird. Looked like John’s power ring malfunctioned or something, I am not sure, but that is about the most interesting thing that happened. I am not even going to pretend like this series is worth reading. The art direction picked up a little, until we got images of Morgan La Fey and Enigma and then it ran down hill again. I don’t know if that is supposed to be illustrating something of significance other than bad, lazy artwork, but with the two fold issues it seems like this is being dragged on for no apparent reason and could probably have just been a mini and a bad-mini from the looks of it.


Later on this week I will give you a Closer Look at Sub-Mariner, member of the Illuminati and King of Atlantis, and a review of Titans #1-3, Return of Trigon, as well. On shelves today are Guardians of the Galaxy #2, JLA #22 and Trinity #3 (which may be the last issue of this series I review). Hopefully GOTG and JLA will make it into that ongoing series reviews, I love them both, but will you.

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