The Dark Knight

I would have hated to post this review during the weekend, not that I expected much traffic through my blog as I was expecting everyone to be at theatres for 1st and 2nd helpings of “The Dark Knight.” I am not surprised that the movie raked in over a $155 million in box office sales, beating out Spider-Man 3 for biggest hit. The only real question is was the movie deserving of all that money we threw into its Hollywood coffers? You all saw the movie and I think many of you will have to agree that it indeed did. Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” easily jumps to the top 10 list of a lot of people’s favorite or best superhero movies of all time.

Read on, Minor Spoilers ahead…

I don’t want to be the kid in the candy shop who has got his taste and now decided to tease the others by telling them what he has tasted, but I will. I definitely don’t want to spoil the movie by any stretch of the imagination for those who have yet to go to the theatres and see the movie for themselves. I will definitely not be doing that. The dark Knight had so much going on it that there was not a moment where I felt I had been in the theatre for 2.5 hours. It was like a never-ending roller coater ride that I was happy to be on.

There is no question whose character jumped off the screen into the minds of the audience and delivered the biggest performer. Heath Ledger’s Joker easily outshined Cesar Romero’s comedic clown prince or Jack Nicholson playboy-fool. There was a deranged since of anarchy and delusion that prevailed with the character. Of course the character was written in the script like that, but Ledger delivered on what many thought he would not be able to deliver on. Many of us have read Batman titles over the years and seen the Joker played as a two bit comedy slapstick clown and we all know that isn’t the Joker. Only the Joker can count the Kill totals he has racked up, but we finally get the anarchist clown prince we have waited ages to see and in my opinion Ledger delivered on the goods.

When he appeared in the opening scene robbing the bank I wasn’t too enthused, it was a very calculating calm joker though hilarious and frightful, but not overwhelmed with the performance quite like I was when he placed a pencil on a table and told his audience he would make it disappear, before doing just that in a very sadistic way. Ledger shined in this performance. Even with the buzz about the man himself, I forgot about the actor and got into the character, I didn’t see past the make-up to Ledger, I saw past it to the Joker.

Christian Bale’s performance was Batman; stoic, calm collected, observant and intense. I think many will look at his role and put forth the notion that he just went through the process, but then you have not been reading Batman comics and you are probably more involved with the Adam West Television shows, the pass franchise crap and not into the comics, it was never exciting to see Batman work in the comics, it is exciting to see him interact with his villains and perform the feats he does. He is the Super Hero who is not super powered.

Aaron Eckhart didn’t quite sell me on the role as Two-Face though I was sold in his role as Harvey Dent. The image sold me on Eckhart as Two-Face. The realism put on the movie by Nolan who refuses to infuse CGI into every shot is what I loved most about the look and feel of the movie as a whole and the individual iconic characters.

The movie explored that sadistic relationship between the Joker and the Batman and played it up all the way to the ending credits. It’s sad we will never be graced again by the character Ledger brought to the role as Joker, but it was definitely an iconic performance. If he doesn’t get an Oscar for the role then I don’t think we will be seeing any superhero movie receive one. I will not say he deserved it posthumously; he deserved it just because his performance was that good. Go and watch the movie for the movie and when you are done tell me if you saw the Joker or if you saw Ledger. At one point in the movie when he was in the questioning room and the paint had fell from his face, I still don’t remember thinking there is Ledger, I was still seeing the demented clown prince.

This movie is Number 1 on my list, where does it place on yours?

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