Thor defends against the Skrull Invasion? Yes, that’s what I was thinking. I’m looking forward to how this title will play out. I am a little disappointed that Stracyznski is not the force behind this tie-in, but Matt Fraction is definitely a secondary up to the task. The art from the previews definitely looks like the new Thor, the question is how does it all play out amidst everything going on in the pages of the Thor ongoing being written by Stracyznski.

I am excited because we have the Skrulls attacking Asgard, but a little disappointed because the promotion seems like it is ignoring the fact that all the rest fo these great Asgardian’s exist. Yes, Beta Ray Bill is a great figure, but is he absolutely necessary. I would think this would be the Skrulls most difficult task, invading Asgard? We don’t need Beta Ray Bill to save Asgard, we need Skrulls to be handed ass for thinking Asgard was theirs for the taking. I guess we will find out what Fraction comes up with in the pages of Secret Invasion: Thor #1.

Later today Look for some Thor vs Hulk in Hulk #5, ArchRivals clash again!

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