Justice Society of America has been a good read for quite some time now and it should be no surprise that Geoff Johns is not resting on his laurels, nor is Alex Ross. Justice Society of America Annuals is just as good, minus some of the artist drawbacks and there are plenty here. The story itself is well crafted and well written and is definitely an interesting read, but at the same time if you hadn’t, you will now, it makes you go WTF? I had a zillion questions from the outset and hopefully at some point I will get my answer.

The story picks up on an alternate Earth with Power Girl having been transported by Gog. She meets up with all of her old friends including Huntress who is facing a personal dilemma; she wants to kill the Joker. Granted she wants to kill him for a valid reason, he disfigured her boyfriend in order to create a new Two-Face. Apparently, in Power Girls Earth all of the Heroes and Villains are getting old and the next generation is taking over. Power Girl is teleported right before Huntress who is pleased to see her old friend. AN unconscious Power Girl is taken back to JSI HQ, which has been renamed.

When she wakes up Power Girl is a little thrown for a loop and all, but she regains her composure and is able to fill in the gaps for her friends. Everything is going fine with these regards until Power Girl is out with Huntress tracking down the Joker. After Power Girl kills the Joker, yes, she kills the old man they take to the roofs for some girl talk, when in pops another Power Girl claiming to be the REAL Power Girl. This Power Girl starts slugging the Power Girl we know in order to get answers.

Gog definitely worked some form of magic because this little home welcoming looks like its turning into a head hunt. What’s confusing to me is all of the Earths in the multiverse were affected by the Countdown and 52 events yet somehow this Earth that Power Girl is returning to seems really unaffected. It’s interesting either way and I am definitely looking to see where they are going with this. The thing that raises the question even more in my mind is that there is obvious knowledge about the Multiverse as we can see with the interaction between the Spectre and Dr. Fate, but yet int he interaction with the JSI it almost seems as fi they have not been involved with the Multiverse too much, maybe once or twice.

The story should pick up in the next issue of Justice Society of America. There was even some interesting background story that was being told here with the whole love affair between Batman’s daughter, Huntress and Robin. Robin unaware of the fact as men usually is. I am not sure why this is written with such zeal in the issue. I don’t know if we will be sticking around on this Earth for a long time and even if we do that I will care, but it came across interestingly and added an emotional element that may appeal to that specific fan.

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