Skaar, Son of Hulk #2

Skaar #2 was on the shelves yesterday, I was really looking forward to July 30th for some time now. I loved Skaar #1 and was expecting really great things for its sophomore issue. For those that do not know its real simple, Hulk had a son and he doesn’t know his child survive the bombing of Sakaar which claimed his wife during the Planet Hulk series written by Greg Pak, but from the radiated swamps Skaar rose and now he is claiming Sakaar as his own. Is he the World breaker or the Sakaarson? Whatever he is the action is sure to be exciting.

First off let me explain my biggest disappointment with this second issue of Skaar, it’s my same problem I have with Trinity, the breakup of the issue into two parts that are telling two stories. It may work for some, but it doesn’t work for me. It worked even less in this series than it did in Trinity because it’s not story that is worth revealing in my opinion. The second half of the issue gave the view of some of the natives on Hulk and now his son, but this isn’t something that needed to be broken into two parts, it could have been done in the same issue, but instead we have to follow Skaar and this side story and both paths ultimately lead to the same ending. It pissed me off because the first half of the book was exciting and just when I was getting into the story it was like boom.

The bottom line here is Greg Pak had a good thing going in the first story in the issue and should have kept it running, when I see a story like this broken up the way it is, it makes me have doubt about the writers abilities. The funny thing is the second story was alluded to in the first half. Obviously there were those who believe in the prophecy and those who do not, I didn’t need a flashback story to get the point of that.

The first half of the story picked up right where the first issue left off. Skaar battling Axeman and Skaar got the upper hand when he went all raging Hulk on Axeman’s ass and it was great seeing him slay dragon and pink men. Skaar was all over these panels and much was revealed about the nature of Skaar’s ability. It was great to know that he is almost just like Hulk was when he first arrived on Sakaar, a mindless brute, a savage. He needs training. He needs to know how to control his anger and how to harness the power of his mother’s people. Without it he handles Axeman easily, so just imagine.

Just as that battle got going and coming to its conclusion they were interrupted by Princess Omaka, wow where did she come from and is the son of Hulk going to crush her? Can’t wait until Skaar #3 comes out to find out.

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