New Avengers #42

New Avengers #42 was definitely by far the better of the two Secret Invasion Tie-ins this past week. Mighty Avengers #15 was the other. I’m going to stick to the review of New Avengers as there was a lot revealed in this story and a lot less in Mighty Avengers. If you are interested in figuring out Bendis’ long held secrets and when he began the body snatching with the world’s superheroes then you would definitely want to pick up copies of the Avengers as the Tie-in’s have all the meat to the story in them and almost better visuals. In New Avengers #42 we find out when the switch occurred with Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman.

What I really liked about this issue was the cover, because it got me thinking of who has been revealed to be a Skrull and who has not. The most notable reveals have come as of late and are some pretty big names at least in regards to there access. T’Challa is probably turning tables upside down, but Longshot was revealed to be a Skrull in X-Factor #33. Of more significance though, Invisible Woman was revealed as Lyja in Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1 and Spider-Woman was revealed as the Skrull Queen Veranke in Secret Invasion #3. Her switch is the most notable because has been acting as a double/triple agent.

Spider-Woman has apparently been a Skrull since before New Avengers #1 and running down that rabbit hole will definitely prove a task for readers who have been decrying the whole Secret Invasion timeline and Bendis’ possible retcon. Hey for fans of the characters, I have said this before it would suck to learn that you have been reading about a character for nearly a year or more and find out that the character you thought you were reading about is not really that character. I would piss all over Marvel if they revealed that Nova, Thor or any of my other favorites.

The reveal or the switch is really good. Jessica Drew thinking she is going under Hydra’s knife to restore her powers is actually abducted by Skrulls and replaced by the Queen. Nicely done I have to say. I love the whole first 6-8 pages of this issue.

The remainder of New Avengers #42 is The Skrull Queen parading around as Spider-Woman weaving deceit and manipulation. We see her involvement in the M-Day affair. It does not appear that they accounted for the “No More Mutants…” or Quicksilver’s involvement with the whole manipulation of Wanda, The Scarlet Witch. Apparently the Skrulls wanted her dealt with, she was a huge problem in their plans and the opportunity presented itself perfectly when it is revealed that Henry Pym, Yellowjacket is also a Skrull agent. The Skrull Queen parades around perfectly as Spider-Woman going undetected and even working herself into key positions integral to the Skrull invasion. We also learn of her hand in the release of the Super-Villains from the Raft and the Cube.

New Avengers #42 provided all the meat that was missing in the main series. The lead into and the double week reveal of Henry Pym works well here as well as you will see later on today with Mighty Avengers #15.

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