Mighty Avengers #15

As I said earlier Mighty Avengers was not as good as New Avengers #42. While there appears on the surface to be more substance in what is happening with the two Skrull agents there is in fact more that could have been revealed with Pym being replaced. This is not to say that this issue wasn’t good, it is just my opinion it is not as good as it could have been or equal to New Avengers #42. Mighty Avengers picks up the story of Henry Pym’s agent status, which has been in the making for quite sometime it seems and to be truthful almost a little more integral than Spider-Woman’s deception.

The majority of the issue is what leads to Pym’s switch. There is obviously a bit of turmoil is lovers paradise between him and Janet, that relationship just never gets a break, it’s damn near depressing to be truthful. Even in the Marvel Ultimates, it only gets worse. If you don’t know what I am talking about you should probably check out my reviews of March on Ultimatum, just select the label in the left Column, I think its in #3 where he really gives the reader a lesson in spousal abuse, its horrible, seriously. Mighty Avengers #16 opens up with just that, the Pym’s quarrelling and Janet taking her leave.

Pym like many men would finds comfort in the bed with another, the only bad part is this other happens to be a Skrull. Wow, what lengths Skrulls are willing to go to in order to secure their goals. This Skrull carries on a affair with Pym and seduces as much information about him and the Avengers as possible. It’s all successful and Pym is none the wiser, not even at the final moment when he is squashed like a bug by the Skrull invader. The switch here proves very beneficial though, more than the Skrulls themselves could have imagined.

For those reading the Mighty Avengers series you may remember the incident with Ultron. Ultron took over Tony Stark and paraded around as a nude Wasp, which was very nicely illustrated by the way. Well this little bit helped the Skrulls figure out some vital information on Tony Stark’s new armor system, the organic Extremis armor. This allowed them to infect Iron Man and it also is a good reveal because it kind of answers that question that was raised in Secret Invasion #4, whether or not Iron Man is a Skrull? If he was what would have been the point in doing all of this with his armor?

As a last little hurrah to the issue Pym gives Janet a little present, we will have to see how this cocktail he has worked up will affect her in later issues of Mighty Avengers or even in the pages of Secret Invasion, but I can’t imagine it being any good at all. My last question with all of these reveals is where and what has happened to the REAL heroes? I mean we are halfway through this whole event and still no clue as to that question other than what we see of Reed Richards, but he was captured during the invasion, the others would have been in captivity for how long now?

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