New Avengers #43

New Avengers #43 continues the behind the scenes look at the Secret Invasion war. Basically, its revelation of how everything went down and where the Skrulls plan on taking this war. These last few issues of tie-ins for the Secret Invasion series have been a mix bag and this issue definitely falls right in there. Revealing some things that we already know and things we probably don’t care to know or could have figured out on our own makes New Avengers not one of those high priorities read. The issue has its moments of excitement, but it is kind of like going into the haunted house after you have seen it with the lights on. Ever been to Magic Mountain or Six Flags and been on the ride in the dark and get stuck, they turn on the lights and the fascination of the ride is like, huh? Same thing with Magic tricks, they are really fascinating until you figure out how simple they were and then begin feeling like an idiot.

This battle in the Savage Land is really being dragged along, don’t you think? We have a bunch of Skrull impostors running around as our favorite heroes in old costumes, almost as if I am supposed to allow this to dupe me into believing that these are not Skrulls and the bait and switches have occurred that long ago. Yeah, if I were that silly then maybe it would work, but I’m a little smarter than that. I think half the people reading this no better.

New Avengers #43 gives the reader that back story by using Captain America as the center piece. Eight pages in you are shown that he is a Skrull, but I guess that was a way to hype things up, but we have already been told Steve Rogers, Captain America will not be coming back by Joe Q. Does this mean things couldn’t change? Yeah, but I doubt so soon. They are having a lot of Captain America impostors running around the Marvel Universe these days, don’t you think?

Anyway we get to see the Skrull who becomes Captain America and dies shortly into this issue. This is a story though that gives us some background on the process of how a Skrull becomes implanted with the mind of our favorite Superheroes so they are running around actually believing they are who they say they are. It isn’t even that interesting a process, I really hope there is more to this because draping a hot red cloth over a Skrulls head and it becomes human and then becomes implanted with memories by a witch doctor is just corny, why haven’t the Skrulls done this before.
The most interesting thing that is written in this whole series is the moment when the queen explains why the Skrull armies must do what they are doing. In a quick moment of either doubt or dropped hints she comments on the lasting effects this war will have regardless of a win or loss. It is an interesting moment to see because up until this issue I have not seen a moment when the Skrulls seemed to be fighting for anything other than victory.

Either way the artwork was as solid as this series has had to offer and the story was what it was, if you are a fan of tie-ins then go pick it up. If you are trying to decide what tie-ins to read this is probably one of those you can leave on the shelf. Collectors I am sure will just pick this up regardless. Next month we get the real secret of the Illuminati. On another note for some reason people believe that i do not actually create decks on this site, which is partially true, but not totally. On Monday i will reveal a deck T'Challa helped me put together, my Avengers Reservist for the modern age. I will also reveal a rush deck i am working on, yes i said it a rush deck! I will also begin pulling some of my deck creations posted over on TCGplayer here as well. So if you like deck garages then look forward to the coming weeks.

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