Robin #175

Batman RIP continues with its Tie-in this time in Robin #175 with a very appropriate cover titled “Death of a Family.” Come one you have to love the nostalgia. Wait, you are a Batman fan, but you don’t own the story that chronicled Jason Todd’s death at the hands of The Joker? Are you serious (Why So Serious?)? Yeah, if you don’t own it go pick it up it’s available in trade paperback. This Robin issue unfortunately has none of the excitement that was in that issue years ago, cover looks great though.

These issues of Robin had a lot less to do with deaths and a lot more to do with detective work. For me that was good enough to make it an ok tie-in to the Batman RIP series, but it was also a good reason for many people to hate on it. Seriously, I doubt you are going to see a lot of good reviews for this issue unless the reviewer is keeping up on Batman RIP he/she probably will not like it. It’s a great introduction for those who are not reading the Robin series and not following Tim.

This issue allows Tim to stand out as his own character, yes, if you read Teen Titans or the Outsiders then you probably have seen this half of the Dynamic Duo in his element and have respect for him and his abilities, if so then this issue will just reinforce that feeling for you. If you haven’t then this is kind of your introduction to the pseudo Batman, can he fill the role as Batman now, no, but probably in the future with great zeal and appeal. The very title RIP makes you question if not Bruce then who and the tie-ins give you looks at the various people surrounding him and make you believe any of these young men he has raised could.

There isn’t much to the story to follow. Tim has Bruce’s notes for his journey to becoming the Batman and thereafter and he is using that to try and figure out what is going on with Batman. A smart detective he figures out that Batman has been placed under some sort of hypnosis from his voluntary deprivation exercise. Great job Tim, but what does he do with this information, a lot. He is too wrapped up in Batman to make a clear decision and Fabiano Nicieza does a great job of portraying this as he uses Spoiler as the eyes that are on the outside looking in telling Tim facts he is aware.

As Tim takes this journey of discovery to find out what has happened to his mentor and where his mentor is he takes us down his flashback trip during the time he spent with Dick while Bruce was in Nanda Parbat. He also gives the notes to Spoiler and Sgt. Harper. He wants help from those not close to Batman, those who are not going to have already built up founded ideas including him! The last page was really; really eerie especially after the reader or those following the RIP story saw Batman’s maniac transformation into the Batman of Zur En Arrhh. There may be a showdown in the future between the master and the student; will the student be good enough to best his master?

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