Action Comics #868

Geoff Johns at the helm of Action Comics and this new Superman story Arc is absolutely amazing. Brainiac who is in my opinion the best villain for any Superman story other than Darkseid in some instances makes the series even greater. Geoff Johns is redefining the Brainiac mythos and it is in a way that has shaken even Superman at his foundations so why would it not do the same to the readers. Imagine for all the years and all the Superman stories within those years that you now have learned the being you thought you knew and were fighting is not the REAL thing, but a mockery and the real thing is far worst.

This is the story that Geoff Johns has been telling in the latest issues of Action Comics. There are some minor complaints with the story that makes one question its basis, especially after the first two or three issues. The biggest would have to be Supergirl's reaction to Brainiac which has never been filled with such fear and angst as it has been in this story arc and the other is the city of Kandor being within this Brainiac’s ship. Both point to some retcon’s in the Superman story. I don’t mind them so much; I just hope that what Geoff Johns has established here becomes a foundation for other writers when they are writing future Brainiac stories.

Superman has finally made it aboard Brainiac travelling vessel, not of his own will you will notice and definitely not in the position he wants to be starting out this fight, on an operating table being prepared for stasis it looks like. I love the scene because it reminds me of The Matrix with the machines harvesting the humans, which coincidentally Brainiac is doing as well, but just in a different way. He is taking the best parts of each race he conquers and is evolving so he can become a Supreme Being; apparently he has been busy at his conquest as well.

Superman seems a little shocked at what is revealed as I am because I was expecting a rather frail more mental type Brainiac, not this Brainiac that is revealed. He is a towering domineering figure every much the equal of Superman. In fact, Brainiac is the Superman we should have been reading about for quite some time. I for one fell off of reading Superman comics for sometime because of the way many writers have portrayed him as this strong but averagely intelligent man. This is a man who has much of the universe’s knowledge at his fingertips and much more in Kryptonian Knowledge and brain capacity, but yet the best we could do to tailor him for the modern age is write him up as a little more smarter than the Hulk in fights.

Either way he often resorts to sheer force as it is usually the tried and true method of fighting his opponents. Brainiac has a surprise for him though he is much stronger if not much wiser than Superman and he has evolved over the centuries and Superman is just to be a roadblock in his progression. I question whether actually beating this Brainiac will mean anything as in past we have seen Brainiac leap through everything, but with this highly evolved Brainiac what is the makeup of a Coluan? Either way Brainiac is over Metropolis and it is poised to become Brainiac’s next bottled city.

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