Let me repeat something I have been saying often about the Secret Invasion story. The main book pales in comparison to the sides. The meat and potatoes are in the side story, the main book falls short of these sides story and in the case of Secret Invasion: Inhumans my opinion remains the same. I have no clue where Bendis’ places in this whole invasion by the tie-ins but his work in the main book needs to come up to par. Inhumans is an excellent written story and a great follow up to the events in Civil War and the Silent War series that was out a while ago. I probably will go back and review that series so those who are fans of the Inhumans can get an idea of the state of Inhuman affairs.

Black Bolt is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. I often find myself drawn to the cosmic characters in Marvel and this feels a little different because the Inhumans have a close tie to the Earth, but they live on the moon, which is interesting. I often feel they are not injected enough into Marvel affairs. Black Bolt was discovered to be a Skrull impostor however this means he had to be taken into custody after the events of World War Hulk because he didn’t go Skrully when Hulk whooped on him, but I hope it was a Skrull because I still say no way Hulk stands up to the power of Black Bolts voice, hell Black Bolt has beaten the Hulk before granted World War Hulk was a different Hulk.

With Black Bolt in captivity Maximus has taken control over the Inhuman kingdom, but the way it appears in this series is a little different than it occurred in the Silent War series. The continuity there is just a little lacking, but it still manages to be a really good look. I loved the part where Medusa wraps up Stark and he threatens her. I want to see someone crush him badly, worst than what Thor did. Stark informs them of the Black Bolt impostor and Medusa takes the body of the impostor back to Attilan for show.

The Inhumans are ready to get Black Bolt back. Even Maximus finds he does not like the position of leadership so much which I funny since he is always plotting to take over the throne, but he is mad so it would be fitting of his character that once he is in power with nothing to fight against he would be bored. It’s like how I think of Batman and the Joker. If Batman were to die I doubt the Joker would be the same villain if he would be a villain at all. Span to a Skrull ship where scientist are basically trying to dissect Black Bolt to figure out how his voice box works. They want to harness its full destructive power.

There are some ups and downs and problems with consistency as far as story continuity here but it’s still a great introduction for the Inhumans into the Secret Invasion series. The art is beautiful and I definitely love the way Medusa is portrayed as the deeply loving wife even though we saw her differently and way out of character in the Silent War series. The art there was also not so great, especially for these characters who are supposed to be regal, Black Bolt looked frail and weak in that series, but he retakes his domineering look here. If you have not picked up these side issues for Secret Invasion start doing so.

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