Cable #6 Preview

I’ve got Previews and more previews for you today as well as a three issue wrap up of the Limited Series Avengers/Invaders which has been really good. Why would it not be, it is being spearheaded by Alex Ross and Jim Kreuger. For now let us look at Cable #6, which has had its ups and downs over the course of its first 5 issues. Duane Swierczynski is definitely not going to be receiving any awards for this series. Maybe he can pilot it out of the catastrophe it has become, but I doubt the readers will be there by the time he does. This issue is going to be an oversized issue, hopefully the format gives Swierczynski the room to play catch up with the story otherwise I will really be looking this series as on its way out the door for my box. It has already lost its spot in the review rotation. Whether you see more depends on the next few issues. Check out these pages, which doesn’t really bode well for the series, i could do with a lot less Cable running from Bishop.

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