Avengers/Invaders #1-3

Alex Ross, Jim Kreuger and Steve Sadowski join together to bring readers the Marvel Limited Series Avengers Invaders which chronicles the appearance of the Heroes of World War Two in modern times, The Invaders; Captain America, Bucky, Sub-Mariner, The Original Human Torch and Toro. Nick Barrucci of Dynamite conceived the idea that we are now seeing in the Marvel Limited Series, which is also in continuity. This series marks Alex Ross’ return to the Marvel Universe so readers were no doubt expecting fireworks and over the course of the first three issues he has not disappointed.

Avengers/Invaders was conceived three years ago and along the way it met some interesting story challenges, especially with the death of Captain America, but that looks to be an issue Ross and Kreuger seem willing to tackle head on when Bucky meets Captain America in Avengers/Invaders #4. In an interview with Alex Ross over at Comicbookresources.com Ross insist that he wanted to portray the Invaders as the heroes of the 40’s and transplant them here in modern times, roughly 2007 which is just after the events of Civil war and before the events of Secret Invasion.

“The biggest thing worth paying attention to is where they come from - the battlefield. They should not be mockingly interpreted as overly idealistic characters from a bygone age that was so much nicer than we have today. In the mid-'40s, when most superheroes were created, we were in the middle of a world-wide conflict that the ultimate result of which nobody could guess.”

Throughout the first three issues Ross definitely gives the reader that feel. Right after the invaders are transplanted to modern day New York they are square in the middle of a showdown between the Thunderbolts and Spider-Man. The invaders believing they are being tricked by the Germans fight back and really save Spider-Man, though he seems to be doing his best against the Thunderbolts. The panels of the fights between the Thunderbolts and the Invaders are definitely classic must-see.

Ross is definitely pushing to make the Avengers relevant again and that is one of his goals on the series which is ok by me and I think many other readers. I became an even huger fan of Ross after reading his CBR interview because I found out he dislikes the X-Men just as much as I do, ok, maybe not just as much, but enough, either way he is glad that a lot of whats going on in Marvel is playing out in the pages of Avengers comics.

“Chiefly, of course, the important thing is can we sex up the Invaders for a modern audience who probably doesn't know who we're talking about, but considering they've been made to care about the Avengers again, I think there's a good chance of that happening.

Oh, and thank God for that! I know I'm about to say an anti-Marvel thing a bit here, but man, I can't stand anymore X-men! Alright? [laughs] I'm happy to have the Avengers be, in a way, the book everybody has to read. I have to read it as soon as it comes out. And look, its got an X-Man in it! See, you've got 'em all covered”

There are a lot of nods to the folks that laid the groundwork throughout the series, especially on the covers. I couldn’t be happier with what this trio is churning out.

In issue #2 we find the Invaders captured by S.H.I.E.L.D and we see the response of the modern day Super Hero community, mainly those opposed to the Registration act like the Secret Avengers. The art on the series is excellent and as a fan of either the Invaders or the Avengers you really cant help but be excited. The way it all ties into continuity is even a great idea and I can only imagine how it would add to the hysteria that would come with Secret Invasion.

In Avenger/Invaders #3 we had an excellent cover depicting a showdown between the Modern Sub-Mariner and the younger Sub-Mariner. The meeting of the two is definitely one of those classic moments in comics, especially when you consider the difference in personalities or the mass change Sub-Mariner has undergone. The difference in time is made even more interesting because this series happens after the events of the Sub-Mariner limited series where Atlantis was destroyed and its people scattered to the corners of the Earth. There is a lot going on with Ross’ series and I got really excited reading the back issues and this quickly became a box book for me.

If you have been reading this series then you know what I am talking about, if you haven’t I suggest you go pick yourself up a copy because the story is great and it happens to be a great little diversion from all the Secret Invasion madness going on in the world of Marvel. There has not been a good tie-in there since early July late June. Until Avengers/Invaders #4 is released enjoy this preview...

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