New Avengers #44

Back and we are going to roll on with a furry. I’m going to be short on the words and let the pictures do the speaking for them so we can roll out as much as possible. One great piece of news is I am getting to play more Versus TCG lately. T’Challa is back in town and yesterday was the first time I got to do some VS plays albeit Golden Age play which I despise but it was Versus so I was happy and excited.

I am building three decks right now, and hopefully a Golden Age fourth since is Williamsburg friends love that format for some reason. By the way hello to all the guys down at Groovy Geckos in Williamsburg, thanks for the good time, also you guys missed out I bought two boxes of MUN and pulled some pretty sweet rares. I’m looking for Cap and Iron Man stuff so if anyone has any or wants to trade send I a message and we will set something up.

Anyway Secret Invasion is almost at its storied climax which is really looking dull at this point at least in the main series; in the side series it’s looking pretty good. There are a lot of meat and potatoes to the side story that is just not represented in the main story. New Avengers #44 has the biggest chunk this month it seems with the revelation of how the illuminati played into this whole invasion. Short of going into Skrull space and handing the Skrulls their collective asses and pissing them off the Illuminati pretty much is the cornerstone of this whole invasion and the story plays out well in the pages of New Avengers #44.

The synopsis is these are the guys that the Skrulls first started copying and basically they did it to get into their minds. Reed Richards is the glue that holds everything about the Skrull invasion together, technology, tactics and all; it’s the mind of Mr. Fantastic that made it all possible. New Avengers has been a great read for sometime and this issue keeps the head of steam it has rolling, no reason to believe it will not continue, so go grab your copes of this series and if you haven’t go read up on the secrets of the Illuminati.

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Trader2699 said...

Re: Williamsburg and GA.

You know you loved it. It's not like we all play anything broken, we just try to have a good time. Come back when you can, man.


NEIL04 said...

ill be down there for this upcoming event on Oct. 11th. Whats the deal with Hobby League tomorrow night?


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