Mighty Avengers #17

Looking at the secret invasion tie-in’s its definitely starting to dry up when you have almost three issues of what’s going on with Hank Pym and which Skrull is Hank Pym today. We have had a lot of Mighty Avenger and even other tie-ins that have focused on Hank Pym and the fact of the matter is he hasn’t been that big in the main series. He did get things kicked off with fooling Reed Richards. I am not going to go to deep into this issue because it really was more of the same Hank Pym stories and how the Skrulls have had a hard time mimicking or keeping inline the Skrull agents posing as him. If you are a Hank Pym fan then you may want to read this, but otherwise its right up there with a read on the porcelain chair, and not one you are sitting there for a while trying to read, just one you pick up and get finished on multiple visits.

Take a look at some of the pages brought to you by Darkseid, he wants your soul, because He loves you…

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