Final Crisis #4

Final Crisis #4 of 7 was better than any main issue story arc we have read in awhile excluding the Annihilation series. It manages to incorporate more than just nods from the side books and utilizes that information to give the main book some flesh. The most intriguing part is how the main book manages to pull one specific string of events that is not discussed at all in the other sides, but is key to everything going on in the main story arc, the birth of Darkseid. Its an interesting take on the characters of Apokolips and the New Gods who are being “birthed” into the world, Darkseid’s birth from Turpin is the finale in some respects and you can’t deny its played out very well over the course of 4 issues. I am not happy with the way he looks, which is very frail and aged, but that’s Morrison for you!

In this issue we pick up a little info that we have been dying to know and that’s one point of reference made in the Final Crisis: Submit issue where Black Lightning passes on a circuitry of some sort to Tattoo man who has embedded it within himself as a Tattoo, activating it makes him look a lot like Metron. Final Crisis is really getting better and better by the issue and I have to give a nod to Morrison for doing what Bendis could not in his main story for Secret Invasion and that is keep the Main issue just as relevant as the sides. There is tons more information that is going to shape this battle and the future of the DCU in this issue, the biggest two I can think of is Mister Miracle being shot. Are New Gods immortal after being born in their human bodies? We also saw that the flashes have the power to overturn the anti-life equation effect when Flash kisses his wife Iris. If you were still looking for a reason to pick up Final Crisis this is it, along with Submit.

Tomorrow look forward to my Marvel Evolution Preview, I don’t think I can say what it is just yet or even if it is a who it is?, but I will give you a clue! “A character who should be Tortured by an X-Man for having a very nasty Habit!” Not much of a clue, but take your guesses.

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