When it comes to conversion of the masses I choose subterfuge. Yes, Darkseid Revenge is a comic review spot, but it’s a clever way to get into the minds of the people and make them want to play our beloved game of Versus. I have converted a co-worker and her husband to comic-loving fiends, next up is to be as cunning as possible and make them want to be these characters they love and play the cardboard that reflects. Heck, my co-worker is dreaming of being on monitor duty in the Watchtower with Red Tornado, Black Lightning and Vixen. Enough about all that and onto what you all want; The Marvel Evolutions Preview: Gambit, Traitor.

Gambit is a mutant with the ability to charge matter with kinetic energy, how powerful he really is not known. We have seen an alternate reality version of himself known as the “New Sun”, which was responsible for exploding and destroying his own world in an alternate reality. Mr. Sinister is responsible for helping Gambit “control” his abilities and harness its power. Gambit has a very strained history with the X-Men and even the Marauders, never really appearing to be a team player unless it has been beneficial to him. Once he was a Horseman of Apocalypse, Death in order to save the X-Men. Gambit is responsible for leading the team of Marauders to kill the Morlocks, a memory he is not fond of.

Gambit, Traitor
6-Cost Character
Team Affiliation: Marauders/X-Men
Discard a random card -> Stun target character if it has the same cost as that card. Use only once per turn.
“This isn’t what it looks like.”
Illus: Marc Silvestri

It is fitting that the versions of Gambit we have seen thus far in the Marvel Evolutions Previews have been dual-affiliated given Gambit’s loyalty to himself overall. There have only been 3 versions of Gambit in the Versus TCG and each version has limited Gambit’s direct stun effects to characters with cost 3 or less. These versions of Gambit are a far cry from the past 3 incarnations; but remember Gambit’s strength has been in the “cards” he charges with energy, they could very well be in the cards you play as well.

Gambit has very decent stats when you think that he is only a peak human, at 13/12 he definitely has the mustard to take on his fair share of opposing 6-cost characters and not bat an eye. His ability is where he will shine through in the game for the person clever enough to work a deck around him. As TBS explained, “Gambit is the king of direct stuns and thievery…” that should get your appetite wet for the shenanigans that may ensue.

Gambit’s ability is going to take some “clever” players or card manipulations to work out the kinks because of the fact that you are discarding a card at random. That means any card in your hand can be thrown into the KO’d pile, which could be a negative for you?!?! Remember you only get to “Stun target character if it has the same cost” as the card discarded. So discarding your 7-cost character on turn 6 could look very bad. The benefit is if you are successful you get to stun an opposing character and Gambit is still free to attack since it is not an exhaustion effect. Its two birds with one stone trick if it fires off. The gamble of it may dissuade some player from using the ability, but not me; I’ll tool my game play so this can be a trump card.

I’ll let you ponder this card and how it will work in your favor as a member of Marauders affiliation, Gambit is a master of the direct stun and thievery as TBS pointed out and as a swamp rat Gambit definitely appears to be a diamond in the rough.

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Orange_Soda_Man said...

Awesome! Gambit now has a curve 2-6. Also, the second I saw him I was thinking about how powerful his effect would be if you only had one card in your hand and that it was a 6-drop.

NEIL04 said...

i really, really believe people will see very soon how great a character card this is for Gambit and he will be a played 6 drop in Gambit/Marauder Decks.

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