Superman Beyond was one of those reviews that hit the backseat the moment I began reading it because I was not intrigued with the storyline mainly because it seemed mixed and mashed together as a filler between Final Crisis issues. The series does have its importance in the Final Crisis event it is just hard to distinguish how it plays into everything. It also begs the question of when in the time line it exists since Superman is also supposed to be in the future with the Legion battling Prime.

The 3-D artwork was very uninspired in my opinion. It made the series come off as even more corny than I could actually stand. I can’t remember the last time anyone opened a comics with high hopes of getting a decoder ring or a pair of 3-D glasses, but go ahead and read this comic series with the 3-D glasses if you want. The story revolves around Superman trying to save Lois’ life by listening to the pleas of a Monitor who has gathered the Supermen of all the realities and verses in order save the Multiverse. Where it will go from here I have no clue and as of this issue I am not too interested in it to be truthful.

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SavageTofu said...

I thought the book was fun. I was a bit more interested in the time line between Trinity & this issue. Obv this stuff happens before all the justifiers come into the picture.

Final Crisis has peaked my interest. We know evil will win but there are allot of variables. I find it interesting that most of the New Gods from Apokolips are human. This means they are much weaker then before & certainly some of what they do must be undone eventually.

Admittingly I liked the 3d book & glasses. The story was fine there are alot of books that are out now that are worse honestly. I would really like to have more back story for those characters in the dead zone or whatever you call it where those people were losing their memories.

Anyhoo I guess I disagree with you that this was all bad but thats comic book critics for you! :)

NEIL04 said...

I can see your point Savage, im just not a fan of 3d glasses and the 3d gimmick in selling books orother products. back story on everything that is and was presented in this issue would make it a whole lot better, but knowing that there are only two issues and that i am not going to get backstory on all of these events is what swayed my mind to the belief that it was a mix and mash of things targetted toward marketing the book.

I am still unsure of where Trinity fits into the timeline of any of these events, but i'll be more sure when Batman R.I.P wraps up and i am able to see if Bruce is actually still Batman. I know Bruce is Batman in the Trinity series.


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