Secret Invasion #7

Secret Invasion #7, what is there to say about this issue? To be perfectly honest, nothing! I’ll attempt to cover what is or has become of main issue stories, which is a 9-year old child’s recollection of his day on the playground of a fight he possibly witnessed. Seriously, the Secret Invasion main issues have been the poster boys for the degradation of the way major story arc’s in the comic industry. Once upon a time you would be able to pick up a major story arc’s main issues and get the broad picture of everything going on, but now it’s a must that you have to pick up the side-story tie-ins otherwise you are left reading pages of double-layout battles with as much intellectual dialogue as can be found in the mouths of Marines or your latest Gears of War videogame on the XBOX 360.

The most epic thing to happen in this main issue is everything you saw or knew was going to happen because of the side-story tie-ins that were so much better than this main issue battle royal. Okay key things is the appearance of Uatu watching over the battle, which Spider-Man makes a lame joke about, Luke Cage’s son is being held captive by the Jarvis sleeper agent. Other than that Noh-Varr has finally done what the rest of the Marvel U and probably all the readers of Avengers was hoping he would so and takes up the mantle of Captain Mar-Vell. Other than this the ticking time bomb that is Janet Pym aka The Wasp has been triggered and we knew this would happen from the side-stories in Mighty Avengers and New Avenger snapshots along with issue #6.

The best of the best and my favorite concerning this whole series has been the presence of Nick Fury and his new Commando’s. I love them and what they bring to the Marvel Universe and the series, which is more than I can say for what Secret Invasion main issues have brought other than double layout pages of art that I don’t particularly care for, man Michael Turner will be missed. Check out his variant cover of Hulk #7, I love it and its perfectly timed release with the Incredible Hulk DVD. The art in this series has also been inferior to its side issues, sorry Yu, I am just not a fan, if I had to look at black and whites of this series I would be unimpressed, but your covers are highly inspired.

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